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Experience like in a different way on observant than your to my mind you'll you'll connected to their environment. Which is actually the job of architect. And i don't think i'm saying i can. I remember saying to richie buns and did a book called explosion and wrote all of these wretched But fell only designate. he's just describing good architecture. And there's a sense in that but sometimes i think we both forgotten Simple good architecture is the other thing that occurred to me about. This house actually was an event at lock ten years or so before ville was there and it was the first lecture in britain by dondo happened to arrange courtesy of the japan. And the thing. I remember you. You hear these latches and you can only remember one or two things that most. I had colin lectures a student. The only thing. I can tell you he said was about off webster. Casey's nice if the Someone someone someone elderly to sit me folks live tondo said and i think applies very much in a way to the way philip roaches design. He said people think my plans. They call the middle setting fat designed to house maximum experience. They look simple but he said i designed them like a garden walking through from one scene to another one view to another and when you look at his work in the abstract on paper you obviously get the pictures you get an idea but natural drawings page tweet. Almost too simple yet. There's a phenomenal. Richness of experience packed in their tickling. Nearly early word which was so wonderful. You're listening to eighty compensations back. Catalog is available at architecture today. Dot cove uk forward slash podcast. And i think it is this fascination that phil house with light easy nutrition. You won't luke won't thing. I'd never asked and i would be interested to know who is. To what extent does the design process happen in what we might call the way i could have done it with. T- squadron pencil all a cab modeling looking at views and the jeff stating from the inside what you'll get a costing the son of moving it during the day and then changing things we does that happen or do you still essentially design..

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