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When colleen's clothing end evelyn's remains were found in the same area as clinton's body in the weeks that followed some began wondering whether jay hot would be charged within motors as well for months residents on the mission had been murmuring. He's name in relation to the two missing. Girls used earlier in j heart had been in a relationship with lanes on allison. The couple had a son together but heart was verbally and physically abusive towards allison so she left for queensland taking their son with her calling craig who was nine years younger than hard was familiar with him. Due to his relationship with allison when lane visited barra ville in july nineteen ninety hot stopped by the mish and spent some time talking to her and her friend patricia hain voided the two goals to his caravan to watch music videos since sta. He also invited another male friend. Call lane and patricia grade. When hot said they could share he's double bed and haywood slave alone bought when the goals woke the next morning hot was in bed with them. Sleeping standley call lane told patricia that she'd been woken during the non by hot climbing into the bed and trying to have sex with her she added. Hey mold me all night. He touched down below and up the top as well. This morning i had to pull my pants off. Who went on woke. He got them down during the night. Though call lane had been exhausted she'd managed so fought hard off. Patricia had slept more heavily than call lane that she recalled that earlier in the night she had. I've heard hot us. Could they may owe friend. Do you want to have sex with the goes deaf. Friend had replied no leave him alone. After this incident coleen was wary of the older man. She went back home to saw tell then returned to bear availa few months later in september the nod of september thirteen. She attended a party at the mesh hours before she was planning to board a three. Im trained to sydney j. Hart was at the potty as well. Colleen's friends noticed how much attention he was paying her constantly asking her to stay another night in his caravan call lane complained about hearts behavior. Telling out that is. He was harassing and pestering She was lost seen walking down. The alleyway boarded the house where the party was taking place. Heart was also spotted at the same time following her along the other side of the house. Some of the circumstances around the disappearance of full year old evelyn green up would chillingly. Familia luck colleen. Evelyn's mother rebecca had found herself for saving a lot of attention from j. Hey had attended the party at their family home on the not. Evelyn vanished after the party was over and rebecca had gone to bed with her three children. Hot stayed on loitering in the house. Rebecca's mother patricia had asked hot to leave then went to change into her pajamas when she left her room. She saw no son of heart and assumed he'd gun several hours later. Patricia was woken by shop. Cry from evelyn. She got up to check on her granddaughter but couldn't get into the room where she was sleeping. Patricia hood a heavy thaad. Then all went silent at the time. She didn't suspect anything untoward had happened the next morning. Rebecca work from an uncharacteristically heavy sleep glancing dan. She saw that the jeans she was wearing. Were unbuttoned and down around her knees. Her underwear was also pulled to one. Saad rebecca had no recollection of undressing. Herself clinton's go friend. Kelly jarrett had reported a similar experience on the nod. Her boyfriend disappeared while staying at hot caravan and coleen had told a friend that had pulled her pants off while she was sleeping. There was another crucial detail. Another woman had stayed patricia. How soft of the party and was preparing a bottle for her baby. Just off to patricia went to check on evelyn moments off. The patricia went back to bed. The woman saw jay heart leave the room. Where rebecca and her children were sleeping. Hey hurry down the hallway towards the front door wondering why he was leaving in such a rush. The woman followed him but by the time she reached the front door of looked out so awed he was nowhere to be seen. A forensic examination of hearts caravan had revealed a tiny speck of human blood on his bed but experts were unable to determine any more information than that. The sample was so small that it was destroyed during the forensic process although investigators had an abundance of circumstantial evidence linking hot too wolf. Three disappearances there was little in the way of physical evidence. And when it came to choline craig's case the fact that they hadn't found her body would make securing a conviction difficult almost six months off dot evelyn. Grownups remains band. Hot was charged with her murder on october. Sixteen nineteen ninety-one. The director of public prosecutions was hopeful. That clinton and to evelyn's cases could be prosecuted in a single trial allowing evidence from age case to be presented. So i'd bought saw but jay hearts legal team sought to have the two separate it arguing that day client would be unfairly prejudiced by a joint trial. Ultimately the judge rude in the defense's favor ordering that hot be trialed separately. Age count morava. Prosecutors wouldn't be allowed to present evidence from the other cases that trial clinton's case had the strongest evidence and would run. I prosecuted were bad for mentioning the murder of evelyn or the disappearance and suspected mode of choline.

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