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A live in an allusion of what you think the experience should be like if you're honest with what your expectations are i mean it's it's there's so many ways to get the sort of soft on but like i i want to compare notes with you full do do you does your house did your house celebrate both big christmas of all christmas or was it all worth it ox uh uh it was all orthodox it see that's of this is this is where we this is where we really really one because we would have big christmas which was like the italian side of the family which is like again fifteen hands all dry east one dressed like a different impossible i mean that's that's how big like an italian like are arming apostle monday's don't it's just a i wanna say i'm on board with you adding an extra three and if it means more him i hope they're women because there aren't any women in that lineup jesus bosnians know but as a splittist there's a special section of the gospels that you know that nonitalians don't get like the people aren't really catholics if you got to be tidied gives the three mary mary's that they included in that apostle line up it was the firm that mary into wonderland i've seen that picture of with a went out for for dinner lost dinner would have and they booked to table for like twenty six people assumming and only using one sort of a mike what is going on here the more people arriving later heavy debts shrill like a what was an entire side of the thai will just like anti like what are you gonna there's this that's where they were of how they see people can sit sitcoms to where you notice that everybody's seated on the same side of the table there's there's always now you can always you could say that they see their saving a seat leaving it up with her alija but it's not pass over and all of these scenes i think so that those are the cpi rallies stars before they have a really huge fight in the middle the restaurant and there.

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