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Fire and brimstone. Really do freak eight. That point you know a A kid always make that there it the book. Is meant to be inclusive it I can, if you can be coming to it from any religious faith or no religious faith. to me, it's spiritual, but I I really respect where everybody is coming from in their own spiritual journey and I try to put things out there as suggestions as thoughts ideas that people can figure out. How to make them work in their own lives. And in their own journeys. And Yeah. It's never about telling people what to do or what to believe. Yep in in the I mean that's. That's an important point about this. When we talk about the word, preaching is in the title You can't always tell a book by its cover and certainly. While there is, there is some aspect of of kind of advice book About it it also as you say I think I. Think you really. You really nailed it Ginny. Sassaman that the book is much more. Suggestive than than prescriptive I would say and one thing. I wondered about in fact it was a in terms of. You talk about meditation as a key to happiness for a lot of people in in its benefits, and and I was just thinking I you know I've had some people on the show discussing the fact that people being home a lot and looking for things to do, and maybe not finding productive things to do as much as they should during this whole cove nineteen crisis Lot more substance abuse. Going a lot of a lot of you know we. We hear reports. Liquor stores are our sales of your own way up and so on and so forth. and I wondered maybe There's a sort of set of daily exercises or other other activities. That could be. Something you do in lieu of you know. Let's say it's five o'clock in the and normally you gotTa have that whiskey. Sour, GIN, and tonic or whatever? May. Maybe there's a different kind of happy hour. We can prescribe here. I work on that I love that idea.

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