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Reasonable minimum. I was there from about thirty on friday night until close to one. Am i played a little time. I started ten dollar table and there was one other table. We're gonna be in scattered throughout the ten dollars dollars the entire night so they're definitely listening to their player. Baseball were cold. Both were hats hoppner. The great night in what happened to me was <hes> this guy comes up to the table. I was standing and on the left side of the second the end of the table and yes between the as ah young female ever there plenty of room on the other side of the spot thinking that he was going to have plenty of room. I noticed that he was kind of using the table to stand up. If you're having a hard time standing stable and just kept meaning as my personal space a little bit i notice table routed the money game and i moved out of job turned out. He was again leaning against a nice face for a smaller guy. He seemed to be a way to a room. I'm curious how you guys handle that kind edison. I'm an emergency room nurse so i don't have a problem on how things are and what they need to do but i'm also not gonna cause confrontation in the middle of a casino especially with somebody. That's impacted unheeded. He definitely seems type that might try to cause a problem five said something to him <hes> eventually he ended up losing all his money he was playing very very aggressively and reportedly but i'm just wondering if you guys have ever run into that situation and what your solution for all right i look forward to hearing your feedback and i'll talk you later bye yeah adam so oh you say. You're an e._r. Nurse i it sounds like confrontation. Is something that you're used to but that you don't wanna do it in a casino environment. We can certainly understand that. <hes> you know one thing might be confronted him and see what i'd be worried about when he's telling this story i'm thinking the guy might be trying to rail him. That could be leaning in near space. Hopefully hopefully to snag a chip or two when you're not paying attention or you know heartache comes up and you're like ooh down chipper too because that's a common employees so you've got to be really careful when people are squeezing in like that you could say something to the floor or the pit and kind of say. Hey you know look what's going on here. Veges saying hey. I need a little space here. Give me some space but you know if he's drunk. Who knows what kind of reaction you might get in and doggone it. If it's a drunk person. Hopefully they get rid of him or you. No you just move on depends on how much confrontation want to deal with and how drunk the guy is religion. He might be or just pick up your chips and then you're let me give you some space and then just move move. Just completely move yeah i. I hate that. I mean if they're not drunk and they're doing that then. Sums up right all right next up is jason hi mark and dr mike. This is jason from winter garden florida which is just outside or orlando your walt disneyworld <hes> i took a trip out to your neck of the woods. I had a business trip out of the san diego area and decided to check out a few of the casinos. You have out there. I one i went to was your local hairs. I played poker replay three six limit holdem and did pretty well there however i'll have to say. I was not impressed with the bokram. The dealers were nice staffing pretty good but it just seemed kind of rundown and needed needed some help. Your let me posit there. The poker room at harrah's southern california is not good. It looks like it's an afterthought it really. I heard somebody was saying recently. They were saying that they're going to redo it. Oh well i'm not sure is going to add a whole new a room okay. They're gonna make a dedicated poker. Okay yeah that thing is just kinda like it's just off to the side and it's ever been around a little cubbyhole off to the side. <hes> it's never crowded. Maybe i have a couple of games going to limit game in a no. I will limit game. It's always only hold them so yeah. That is not the place to play poker in his san diego area no but i.

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