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Squeeze it all in here. Got stories from you all. First of all, before we do our today in history. Yes, we do. I will go first. And then Natalie will go. So the story says to Tampa Bay women, but they're actually from Sarasota. So I'm not claiming them. I don't think Tampa should claim these women. Sarasota could have them. But these two women, both young one is 28 1 is 39. They decided to pretend to be a police officer and try and pull the car over. They put the red and blue lights in their windshield. They had a siren going and they were attempting to pull someone over. Luckily, the cops got there first. Um stupidest thing ever, though. They were on Facebook live filming the whole thing. They thought it was hilarious. They were yelling at the person who they were trying to pull over. So probably the stupidest thing you could have done. You immediately incriminate yourself. They thought it was a joke They put on their Facebook live. They were like, watch. We're going to try and pull this person over. In a regular car. I mean, there are a lot of undercovers and you never know if it's an undercover, so I guess you could fall for it. I know there's some number you can call with. You think that it might not be a cop, and I think this person did that. So somebody almost swerved into me on the road a couple days ago, and I so badly wanted to pull him over. I'm not a cop. I'm sure there's an app you can download. Really Anyone feels like I wanna pull you over so badly right now, because what you did is illegal, but I don't have that authority don't pretend And if you do, don't put it on Facebook live on Natalie. What have you got? All right, The list of the most jealous states in the U. S. Do you guys want to take a guess that we're Florida? Is that the most jealous state? We're number 17. Close, but no 10. Well, no 11 jealous. It's interesting because this list is actually based off of how many private investigators earn in the state. While it hopes list of most sensible, simple states, which we actually did recently and then a sexual violence survey, So it's not what you think. I guess we're thinking of jealousy. But Nevada came in at number one in North Dakota is the least jealous. Um, state in the United States could you know I don't know how they come up with that Cumpston. Nevada makes sense that I feel like there's a lot of crazy stuff. Goes on Ron name out of a hat. Well, others much today in history. January 26 as we can squeeze in here, and 18 37, Michigan admitted as the 26th state. In the union. On in 18 38, Tennessee enacted the first Prohibition law in the U. S no drinking 18 56 the first battle of Seattle Marines from the USS Decatur drive off American Indian Attackers after all day battles with settlers. 18 61, the American Civil War, the state of Louisiana seceded from the union. 18 63 in the Civil War governor of Massachusetts. John Andrew received permission from the Secretary of war to raise the militia Organization for Men of African descent. 18 70 the reconstruction era Virginia rejoined the union 1911 Glenn Curtiss flew the first successful American seaplane. 1915, the Rocky Mountain National Park established by an act of Congress. 1920, the former food. Ford Motor Company executive, Henry Leland launched the Lincoln Motor Company, which he later sold afford. 1926 the first demonstration of the television. By John Loki Baird 1934. The Apollo Theater opened in Harlem, New York City. 1942 the World War. Two. The first U. S forces arrived in Europe landing in Northern Ireland. 1945 World War two Audie Murphy displayed valor and bravery and action for which he was later awarded the Medal of Freedom. And then he became a cowboy star in the movies. Big time. Then. Died in an air crash. Very young in North Carolina 1979. The Dukes of Hazzard debuted on.

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