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Could be a weapon his at bats over the weekend. I know fans will say Manny didn't look very good. I took away some positives. From the at bats say I saw him take pitches that he was chasing last year. I didn't see him nearly opt out as off balance. I didn't see the hard contact. Now's two at bats. Let's pump the brakes. It was February twenty four at the whatever. It was. So I'm a really intent on how he's taking pitches. Because if you think about carpenter Fowler in those two prime positions and you go back to two years ago. Remember, it was going to be a lead misdee- as and carpenter follower. Three guys that would take a ton of pitches and on base machine. Kind of thing. If follower can be that guy. That's what you're looking for. And so I saw that a little bit from Dexter, which was better the reports have been that he looks better at the plate. So let's let it play out. Let's see how it let's see out shakes out here in spring. The the Fowler question certainly one that we get quite often you made reference to to him being on the podcast, and I was with your broadcast partner Jim Edmonds. And he said he's working with the outfield delight that was a delight. Yes. And Jim said, I got to say something about Dexter. He's like the first in line for all of the drills. And he goes he's asking what drills were doing the next day. He goes he's really locked in the spring. That's great. Of course. It doesn't matter. If it doesn't translate to. Suction? But as far as an attitude goes that certainly positive he and Mike she'll get along very very well. That's great. Let's see if Goldschmidt and ozone go to free agency. Then what happens now without Nolan Aaron out? Oh being out there. I don't know if the cardinals over thought it was likely that they get our air now because if he would have gone to free agency, I don't know what team wouldn't have been interested. No one air Nado. Yeah. For other Padres considering what they just did. Go ahead. Well, my interrupting no, no, no, no, no. I it's a conversation. Cardinals are very high on these young kids that they have coming up position player wise, and it's a couple of corner infielders. So you know now. Yeah. Aaron oh does Iran Ayios gone. So you got to look ahead to the Nolan Gorman's in some of the other guys that are not going to be here. You would assume next year, but it's the year after so stopgaps potentially. And then as it pertains does Oona Seattle the year plays out, you know, it's a big year for him. Personally. I think the big year for the cardinals to find out what they haven't Tyler O'Neil. And and how many bats can you give them and what kind of player do you have? And if Tyler O'neil is the type of player that they think they acquired, and as he is continuing to progress as the player that they hope he is then that may ease the tension on whether or not you want to sign resign ozone a-, and then dedicate funds to other areas that that you see fit. So you know, wherever that may be pitching. Now. I don't know. I mean, you you start thinking about it. But you do have an option on carpenters. So that's a third base position that maybe buys you another year until some of these young kids come up allocate the funds to I don't know. You wanna re-sign Michael Walker, certainly Paul Goldschmidt would be somebody. You probably want to resign if everything falls into into plan, and I've heard by the way, Tim nothing. But like amazing things about him both in the clubhouse and on the field. Like amazing things I better and better. Better. I assure you see all kinds of things that I'm not privy to see him. But when I was waiting around in the clubhouse a couple was about. I guess it was last week. It was after their first full squad workout. Yeah. And he's getting dressed and Flaherty sitting at the table, or you know, guys, sit there and eat and hang out, and he goes over to flare. Eighty and he said, hey, I noticed you were doing this with your pickoff move. This is what I like to do when I'm covering first base. What what would you like me to do? And what does this mean when you hold your glove this way? And I'm just like just as I mean, it's the tiniest thing. But here's a guy who, you know. It's his first full squad workout barely nose Jack Flaherty us over. And does that as a thirty one thirty two year old veteran? I mean, yes, that's the kind of thing that I know fans love to hear those kinds of stories. I saw it with my own eyes. And I'm sure you're hearing many things like did their first baseball talk, which is Mike shield coaching staff coming in they pick up little things talk about the game. Here's a good thing. Here's a bad thing. Let's talk about it. I got to speak apparently. Or at least one of the first guys was Paul Goldschmidt gets up, you know, an area. His in his first couple of weeks days of, you know, being a new organization. He's I got my two cents. Here's what I saw. Boom, boom, boom, boom. And geysers like, wow. Yeah. He does. He's one of those guys. He's not going to certainly not going to be the loudest guy by any means. But he just has he presses himself. You know, I remember I was talking with Kyle McClellan came wax who's down here, of course, and was talking about leadership in the clubhouse from years. He was a part of the team and then previous years and a lot of times it's not necessarily even the star players. It's just guys with the way that they carry themselves Goldschmidt happens to check both of those boxes based on the the the very little we've seen but cardinal fans. I think certainly are going to love them. Let's see what other questions. Do we have here? People. Ask about kaikal does the Martinez news this morning change that in any way. I my guess based on how much you went into the depth of the rotation that that doesn't change it. But I'll ask it anyone since people are asking, I they they still look I mean, I absolutely I think you'd think he goes for you kinda hit the nail on the head with the Nado on the years in the dollars. What do you think? Tyco? I man he comes to Saint Louis, but what he wants up going for. Year old. I did look at this. Our buddy Keith O'Brien who works with us on Fox Sports midwest. We were talking the other day, and we try to figure out the last. I guess kaikal is what thirty one years old the last thirty one year old lefty free agent that the cardinals brought in was John Tudor. Wow. Yeah. Well, that's a nice little fun fact. Yeah. I enjoy those kinds of fun. We we were trying to we think we're right. But it was John Tudor, and he turned out to be pretty good. He had a nice little second five. He had a pretty good run. Yeah. I mean, I think you just find out where he's at. And I I'm sure the numbers drop, and I'm sure. I'm sure he's saying, well, I want this. But you know, numbers are gonna tell you what they what the analytics department comes in and says this what we think he's worth. And and then mowing his guys start crunching and see what they come up with final thoughts. Are welcome get them in the triad. Bank viewer chat line will answer one or two more. And then we'll sign off, Dan. And I'll be back later on in the week. Dan will be on the cardinals broadcast on Fox Sports midwest Saturday that's Saturday coming up. Absolutely. And you can stream it wherever you might be like I do down here with blues games on the Fox Sports go app. We are presented by mattress direct. We announced the winner last week of the mattress direct contest, Sarah, golden her and her significant other or flying down here next week to experience cardinals spring training, courtesy of mattress direct. Our presenting sponsor, they're online at T, L mattress dot com. If you're looking for a mattress support the local guys, Pat mckernan his great staff at mattress wreck. The place to go S T, L mattress dot com. Dan, what are keeping an eye? I on during these first few spring training games. I believe that was supposed to be, Dan. What are you keeping an eye under his first training? What are you watching when you're up in the booth or when you're on well? Is on the field. Of course. Yes. Very nice. Beautiful son. Jordan was in. We was eater on Saturday. That was interesting. Yeah. I've been interested certainly on the young players. I this is my favorite time to see the young guys coming up the lefty bats, I want to see who emerges as a left handed bat option off the bench show. Drew Robinson is ask about him. Yeah. He's he's off to a good start hitting haven't seen him a lot in the field. But they've been giving him an opportunity off the bench off to a good start hitting the ball. Tommy Edmund is hit. The ball Mack truck is hit the ball. You know, not to say that the latter two are going to make this team. But drew Robinson is the guy they acquired from Texas for Patrick wisdom. So I want to know as a left handed option off the bench. What player might that be? And by the way, that left handed option might be Jose Martinez. And you know, they might just say, hey, right. Handers up. Our best option off the bench is Jose. Mar. Now, he just hits them. So well, we're going to go with this guy. Yeah. Because he just flat out hit. Yeah. One final question. Let's make sure we get one more in given injury history. Why should St Louis count on race versus looking at anything as found money? Not sure I follow the second part of that. But regarding the injury history, certainly I can find myself the same way, you know, like I read and I listened to what I said to you. And I read what Derek wrote and the post-dispatch and about shit like cackling about how just like it was just nuts the video game reference, and it's like you had so many chances, but we've been here before. And it's like it subliminally tempers my excitement on racists. I'm like until I see it consistently in the big leagues. I just feel like it's going to be like this, you know, this potential that we might not have realized because of his injury history. How do you? How do you take my chance? Yeah. I mean, what do you want him or not? I mean, take a chance not looking to place him on waivers. Yeah. I mean, it is what it is guy. Got hurt. You gonna roll the dice? You know, personally first off. He's such a good guy. I know, you know, because you're around all these guys break time. But then what he's dealt with off the field. I'm with what he had to deal with Tommy, John and shoulder. I mean my God. Yeah. It's a hell of a store. It is and his daughter and. Yeah, in the other thing is is there are I'm not saying, it's it's, you know, Dallas kaikal or Craig kimbrel or whatever starter you want to throw out there. But I'm going to take my chances, but there's some fallback there with Gombar, and and potentially might be in the rotation. But you know, there's other guys that have come up, and and and at least there's fall bags there that again, I'm not saying it's the number one ace of somebody staff, but they have fall Bax, but I'll take my chances with Alex race. I mean, and if he's healthy man, what did they do? Have you heard when they are going to give him a start? I said yesterday he wants to get a start. You gotta think it's coming soon. You mentioned there's some splits by squid squad game. So you're a month away. Yeah. I mean at some point. Yeah, he's got to get on the on the train. So you can catch it on Fox Sports. But west this Saturday, the Fox Sports go app, if you miss it, Dan, and I will be with you to times a week here from Jupiter Florida the design air. Heating and cooling studios, and the triad Bank viewer chat line is always welcome. You can Email me t- mckernan inside S T, L dot com. If you want questions asked in advance when you can't watch live, and you can listen to us on scoops with Dante amac or the Tim Kernan show on itunes or wherever you may podcast for everybody here on the hot stove show. Presented by mattress wreck. Thanks for watching. And we'll talk to you again on Thursday.

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