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Would face you would with the tv just constantly change a challenge when standing anything. My whole thing is i can't. I couldn't concentrate or anything. But i would do that until i fell asleep. Because i sound any other people talking. Otherwise i'd start thinking sure right. Yeah and she's doing okay. I'm in the way it's presented sick. I start people stopped talking. I'll start thinking. And i also don't wanna fall asleep because the second i fall asleep i'm gonna be right back there again right And they know they don't spell this out but it's all right there and it's just very grounded in real for me. i don't know much about. This is important stuff. I need to know where to favorite color is. Mom did because i also know when you go through something like this. You do tend to lose people. Yeah people don't deal with you the same way anymore. It was one way for when i was getting better. I knew that. I have to get out of this house and away from my family. Because they're doing their best. But i will never get better if i stay here. They're kind of more comfortable with me. Staying sick if i go out there. You're in danger right or those. Be the bad guy you know. But i can't stay here either. I will die. No right and people don't get it. I like for instance. After i saw this whole incident and i saw buffy season six again i get this now. I hated the season before she speaking my language. Like when you feel like you do not belong anymore. And i i love this too but i guess for me. Part of the reason is. Because i've seen who she was before that and then i've seen who she is during that and who she becomes after that whereas this movie i'm just seeing a snapshot of who this person is after the thing that's my only really observations with bad but.

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