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Hello. Everybody and welcome to another episode of tempests. I'm brian hart. I'm karen mcfarlane holman and here we go here we go. Let's just get right into it. I get to go first this time and i am going to be talking about an app and this app is called. Mix 'em i x. And that will actually be the shortcut for all the show notes to you can go tempests dot com slash mix lascaux. I talked about stumble on and now a win away. One of my favorite websites and then i talked about stumbled kinda the new version of that and i was super excited and as i was kind of going down that rabbit hough stumble on actually kind of turned into this app called mix so it kind of still does exist and i downloaded that and it is fan tastic. It's actually maybe it's just different. I can't say it's better than stumble on but it's way more sexy like this design and you know. I love good design if you've listened to a lot of my call sheets and so the same thing happens. It highlights gifts videos articles the coolest things on the internet so again. It's kind of like what we do. It goes through and sift through all the noise and finds the best things. And you can thumb up or thumb down it then it will show more things. Oh this person likes you know nature or this person like science and start giving you more things like that so it just gets better and better the more you use it. You can share with friends and this is what's grade. This is a lot of apps are finally certain to do this you. Your friend doesn't have to have that app to be able to view it will just send them a link to either the original source material. So if it's an article it might send them to that or if it's a video on read it or originated from It does you know tell. Oh this was sent through makes you know so if you want. Your friend wants to get that app. I highly recommend it because it is a cool. She'd after all. I love everything about it. Check it out. Mix church dot is awesome. And especially because now i kinda know what it looks like because he did a little test run on behalf. But i didn't know what it was. Yeah now that's excellent. Yeah it's another thing that i am. I'm pretty darn sure. I'm going to get more cool sheets from. I already saved a few articles last night that we're now going to be future call sheets that i need to read of course but i was like. Ooh i like that one. Oh that could be a cool sheets so super excited now to resources in the last two shows that it could fuel me for you know the next ten shows so the ones i saw were videos but the it's beyond videos. You wanted to see videos. Because i knew a link to an article probably translate progressively to you if i sent you that as tax but i didn't know videos you know. Sometimes you can't view that video lessons through the at now you could which was excellent shot on that. Okay my first cool sheet talking about a life hack and this is specifically time blocking but more about using a calendar and so let me tell you a little bit about this and it has to do with the author. His name is michael fort and he is a plastic surgeon. He runs several businesses. He works with multiple ongoing different clients. He plays drums in two bands. He acts in a local murder mystery theater and more. So this guy's life would be a disaster without some way to balance. All of these things and i was really interested in this article because i'm doing a lot of different things and i'm having a hard time with time management so i was like okay. What is this guy doing. What is his tool and he said. I'm using just one way to figure out how to prioritize things all these different tasks. I already amusing. It's available everywhere. And i don't need to switch between tools. And essentially he was talking about referring to that he just uses his calendar. He doesn't use any to do this. He doesn't do anything like that and he actually investigated a lot of different tools. A lot of different ways you can make lists and stuff like that. And he then started investigating. Well how do successful people in one group that he looked at where billionaires how are they a configuring. How are they figuring out. What's most important. What are their to do list. What are their success lowest. How do they do this. And he discovered that they also use the calendar in this way and so essentially instead of having lists or task management abs- he takes his calendar But he uses time. Blocking which i've heard of that i had never heard it called time boxing. But that is another word for it. And he separates everything into events reminders and tasks and by separating mount in that way he said it works like a dream. I will just leave it at that because my time is up but it is worth going through in reading how he does it. This is calendar time blocking Oh very cool. This sounds like a kind of tim. Facing see i feel like he's another guy that does a million things right right and how. He kinda manages his tie. It sounds really familiar. Maybe he talked about this guy and his methods or something but Yeah you know it is true. Sometimes i spent so much time in the to do list getting my list together. I could have done two things on this list just setting it up and then y- cancelling it and there's something to be said about the gratification of canceling a to do or crossing it off the list and and i do believe in that but i'm always looking to simplifies. This is really cool. And this really resonated with me because i know ultimately in the end what is it that causes you to succeed. It's the action is the action steps. So if you're actually taking something and putting it on your calendar yeah it might actually get done and so i. This makes total sense to me. And i'm starting to use it so far so good cool. See if i keep it up but it's going really well. That's very cool. Yeah i once. I started working here to allied. I used my calendar. Way more than i ever used to and it definitely made a difference. A science even on our work allender. I put all my personal commitments. Because i'm always looking at my work calendar and it's always there. I know when. I'm time committed a hundred percent. It's all night calendar. And yeah those things are the ones that always get done. 'cause they're scheduled in a hard and fast so yeah. I can totally see how this works. It's that's great Looking at us even more. Yeah thank you so much. I pleasure all right. My second koshi is a website and this is called you. Dj it's you dot dj. And this was a sir by guy named eric in two thousand seven. He had a dream of building the most fun and easy. Dj software ever and so he said even so so easy that even my girlfriend and even my mother can mix. So which one are. We still going out with anyway. I love the fact that he's essentially. He just wants it to be easy. And d inching as far as like you know the two turntables and mixing and all that. It's like a superpower to me. I've always thought like that is not something i can do. It just seems complicated. And but i've always been fascinated with the too because look so cool and i've downloaded an app before and done it a little bit but this website. It's all free. He does have a few things affiliate links or whatever that you can go and support him or just give him a donation if you'd like but you can also use it full functioning for free if you don't wanna pay money you don't have to and you can learn how to dj. He has to toils. He has all the hot music and he keeps adding and subtracting so. This is current music. Dance music usually. So it's like what you would hear a dance club so it's that kind of music it's not going to be classic rock and things like that so but if you like an i and you want to kind of dabble and learn how they do it. How do they mix the two record. Sounds where flows from one song to the next door. A mix of both songs of the same time to make how to match them. Beats per minute. Things like that. So called super fascinating. I've only messed around with this actually for about a week now but i've learned so much about dj -ing something. I thought was beyond my capability of understanding. And i'm already figuring it out. I've just scratched surface. So if i can do it and his mom and the gophers do it. You could do it you. Dj oh man. I am so excited to try this. I've never d- jade and it's it is one of those things like. Yeah probably anyone could learn how to do it but to do it. Well you really lay. You need to get into the nitty gritty oven. It sounds like so much fun is a lot of fun. Yeah it's just super cool and and you can be be prepared to be lost for a few hours just having a good time. Yeah yeah the plus. It's cool music you know so. You're not.

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