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And I'm not gonna take crap from staffers who believe that opinions are threatening to safety. I'm not going to accuse of threatening someone safety for signing on to an iodine opinion about how council culture is generally bad. Emily Vander Wert says his signature on the letter makes me feel less safe box and believe slightly less in its stated goals of building more diverse and more thoughtful workplace. More practical level. The presence of maths tweets and his signature to a letter like this do make my job slightly more difficult. Today, do they, really, as it would be readers and sources too often acquaint my positions with heads. After all, he remains one of our most prominent staffers. I don't want to be reprimanded or fired, or even ask to submit no apology. Doing any of the above would only solidify in his own mind the idea that he's being martyred for his beliefs. But I do want to make clear that those beliefs cost him nothing. They're not particularly risky. They're not particularly sound even I'm used to hearing them from people who believe my own lived experiences pale in comparison to their own momentary social media discomfort. I'm sorry to find that among those voices, No pointed Iglesias compare his experiences in life to this Emily underworld character. I mean, it's just It's amazing. It's amazing. So calling out Matthew Iglesias publicly he's Matthew Places was Bad enough to sign this letter. It will this this sort of pressure, which has bubbled up again. There is nothing in the letter about trans people, not a single thing in letter. In fact, the letter basically says we're members of the left. We support. If you just read that letter in any objective way that you would come away with his they support All of the propaganda put forth by the trans movement. Generally, Jake a rally is on the letter because it doesn't make that explosive. But the whole thing is about social justice and equality. And we hate Trump and all of this, if you just read that letter without knowing any of the signatory There's no way you could possibly come away with the opinion of the people who wrote that letter. Do anything except support the idea that biological man become a woman ramming that that just does not exist in the text of the letter, But what's hilarious is that they're these tweets that are going around things like one of the things we should think about in that letter. Are you responsible? The actions and opinions of people who are also signatories to the letter. But should we assume that if you're mad, Iglesias, you now agree with J. K. Rowling on trans issues? Of course not. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my entire life to rescind. The Matthew Iglesias is also a Cambodian genocide denier like Noam Chomsky. But no If I signed on to a letter with a bunch of other people, the text of the letter is what we have in common. Hey, there is nothing else. There is no way to impute any other agreements on any other issue other than the letter that we have commonly sign what in the world, But what is this result in it results in people starting to pull down their support. So one of the original signatories is a prison in Jennifer Finney. Boylan was a trans person atria. I believe general. Correct. I believe that Jennifer I'm looking up just to make sure that Jennifer Finney Boylan writes for The New York Times. And isn't back yet. Transgender activists professor at Barnard College of a Columbia University and this person put out a statement quote I did not know who else had signed that letter. I thought I was endorsing a well meaning a big message against Internet shaming. I did know Chomsky, Steinem Atwood were in and I thought, Good company. First of all this demonstrates your perspective when you think that Noam Chomsky is good company Gloria Steinem is great company, but Jennifer Finney Boylan, the consequences are mind to their eye and so sorry and so sorry. So out of fear of being handled and being ostracised by trans rights community, a trans person who signed on the letter now has two now has to apologize. And then there's a person named Carrie Greenidge carry. Greenidge is one of the signatories and I believe is the melon, assistant professor in the Department of Studies of Racist Colonialism and Diaspora at Tufts University. I said there's a person very much left to carry. Greenidge signed a letter and then wrote in a tweet. I do not endorse this. Harper's letter. I'm in contact with Harper's about our attraction, so people are now walking the stuff back right. They have to walk it back because the blowback cancel culture isn't real And also you will be cancelled if you signed a letter saying they cancel culture Israel Really well done, everyone. So how about his cancel culture? Cancel culture is so bad that we have no cancelled, acting and also research. These are a couple things that we have cancelled. But don't worry, it doesn't exist. And if you mention it exists, and you're a threat to somebody else's safety, your threats of somebody else's station. So how do we just cancel acting what we had in the past what couple of years several high profile actresses who have been told that they're not allowed to play trans people. If you want to cast a trans person, the person has to be trained. In other words, Let's say that you want to play a trans man, which means a biological woman who believes that that she is a male. What's it that you want to play? That? And you are biological woman, which seems like it checks most of the marks for playing a biological woman like last checked. Playing a biological woman believes she is a man that seems like you should be able to play that if your biological woman correctly just putting it out there. That's like saying you have Ah, black person who believes in particular, cause you're black person should able to play that person. Even if you don't necessarily believe in that political cause. It's called acting guys, but here, even fulfill the physical criteria Ray and because again by large woman playing biological woman, So apparently not..

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