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So join us. Okay. Okay. Well, thank you for sharing those resources. And I would also Jeanne, could you as well share how can folks learn more about the native wellness institute? Oh, yes, sure. Our website is native wellness dot com. And then you can also find us on social media. And then I just want to point out, I think it's super awesome that we have two mother daughter teams on this panel right now. And I think that's an example of historical and intergenerational wisdom, right? This is like the next generation is picking up and trying to help our people to heal, not trying, but we are. So I think that's awesome. Also, the native wellness institute, we know during this pandemic time that an already traumatized people would be retraumatized in this pandemic and another thing that people knew that experienced trauma is frequency and duration and consistency and predictability. So on, we started doing what we call them our native wellness power hours. They're just kind of one hour workshops just to help uplift our people and those are another resource we've done over 400 of them. And they can be found on our YouTube channel. And then we do now we do them once a week. Every Wednesday at noon Pacific and we go live on our Facebook so our social media, we try to provide the uplifting messaging for people and we're still doing our trainings online as well. So native wellness dot com is our website. Okay, you heard it here on native America calling great resources for dealing with generational trauma. In deline, yeah, I think we're all about these mother daughter teams today. And in that spirit, I do want to ask enough time for about one more question before we wrap the show. Jillian. And I want to go to you. I want to give you the last word on this conversation. And I think of how long these issues have been going on in our communities. And as we're learning today, the causes deep rooted all encompassing. But I'm wondering, are you hopeful for a day when his native people, we won't have issues like generational trauma amongst our families and communities? Yes, I'm a cheerleader of hope. And I always, even in the pandemic, right? Like there's been blessings in the pandemic and we have to look for those blessings that helps us to find the balance of all of the heartache and loss, right? We always have to look for that flip side. Even in our families time of grief, like when my children's dad passed away and I told my kids, okay, this is a very sad and sorrowful time. But one of our teachings is we also have to look for the joy, like that's our job, right? And we think about in our kinds of funeral, those joyful times, people are telling stories and lacking and coming together. So that helps to find that balance. The other thing is I tell people about the history like we have already seen positive change in our communities. And we have to celebrate that as well. So for example, I am a power person and was raised in that. I raised my children in that. Way back in the 70s, you know, you went to a polo and you know, honestly, there was drunk and it's all over the place, right? You don't see that today. But because that's an example of the change of the healing work that has happened, right? When I was in my teens, going to, I remember going to my first national Indian conferences. I won't say which ones, but the only thing I don't remember one speaker are one workshop. What I remember is like drunk natives all over the place. Like, I'm 18 years old. That's what I remember. You don't see that today. You go to national native conferences today. You don't see that. That's another example of how positive change is happening, right? So there's tons. We could have a whole hour talking about the positive things that are happening. And I'm thank you for calling that out because we need to have that hope. We need to see where the positive change has already happened. Julie and I totally agree with you that the evidence of native healing is everywhere. Folks, that's all the time we have for today's discussion. I want to thank my guests, doctor ruby Gibson, Keanu big crow. Underwood, jolene Joseph and shailene Joseph for sharing their expertise and experience in the long-standing battle against generational trauma. We're back again live tomorrow for a show about the devastating effect COVID is having on native restaurants and we'll get updates on food sovereignty..

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