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Nfl views him as a player that even when he's not drawing top coverage because of aj brown and even when he's got a very efficient quarterback and even when when things are going well the running game can draw a ton of attention for the defense. That maybe he's not bound for the massive state of his his fantasy success. Sometimes the wall comes fast for nfl players. I'm not saying that's happened yet. For who john week but tough one for me. I totally totally get it. Because they're on the road at seattle tough place to play seattle. Look good sounds like rain. In the forecast which seattle it could change and also could be pouring rain. It's and recruit seattle's defense look good against the call with you know so it's really wanting. It is a tricky one. I i'm hoping he does not have a good game. Because you and i play each other in the war room league this week ryan tannehill big derrick henry. Game okay handoffs. I hope it's like six touchdowns for derrick henry and five for ryan tannehill which seems reasonable enough to me right. Yeah let's make it happen joel. Henry julio jones is the one of the most difficult players to rank for this book. I think i haven't right around wide receiver thirty so he's a borderline flex play this week. I hope i'm not overreacting too much again. Really the story of that day of that game between the cardinals and the titans was the defensive front of the cardinals completely overwhelming. That titans offensive line is going to do a for coming back tomorrow so on thursday show. We'll have mike clay available to preview thursday night football. We'll take a look at the upcoming washington football team against the new york. Giants matchup possible talk about wide. Receiver quarterback matchups. Perhaps some news. Anything else to plug on the way out. No i'll i'll be up late tonight. Finishing up love hate a guy basically takes me two nights to finish it so i won't be here tomorrow. Show but michael do a great job and thinks to find his back as well. All righty and yes so tomorrow. Love hate new. Love hate column in new episode of the pants show on. Espn plus check both of them. Out for properly..

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