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And of course he was far from that in terms of his corporate practices by any stretch how much is religion and do you think it a daytoday decisionmaking gurr contextual process actually really play a significant role in in terms of cheating nutty i wish i knew i we down after data on that we now for example in certain areas that people who are more religious are less likely to cheat in marriage weed out now whether natshi lesson corporate context for example oh a little more of our callers to what's on their minds donnas next on your on uh thank you for taking my call uh you spoke earlier about uh people who game the system and i'm wondering whether the jess believes that gaming the system within the rules counts as cheating i'll take my answer off the air all right thank you for the question done cerruti yeah well i'm pretty careful in the book to say you know to distinguish between for example tax evasion and tax in voidance nothing wrong with taxavoidance that's what we pay lawyers to do its invasion and dishonesty and fraud that is the subject of cheating and just the fact that people will exploit loopholes is a reason to change the system creates the loopholes but i don't consider at cheating sir for more of our callers let me go next to santa clara dean join us you on the air i is it really much worse now are we going to hell in a hand basket back in the guys you gaze of the 40s 50s step classes at civics boys and girls scouts and they used to talk about telling the truth is it really much worse now that we have is it because they don't have those kind of classes down civics it'd be a good citizen you know i don't think we really good longitudinal data to answer that question there was plenty of cheating in the forties and fifties in uh a just took different forms and in some ways was less visible than it now is but gets back to this fundamental question whether things will become were normalized in this realm rusell i think you know it's a context specific enquiry for example in.

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