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But we're not here to talk about fucking fried. Do wanna talk about fucking Frankfort sec because I think he's an interesting case said he'd you think he died happy. Do you think he was happy in his life in his later life? Well, that's that's the beautiful thing about us artists is that you know, we like, I'm really happy. But I think that. What makes me want to be an artist is that part of me that's unhappy the discomfort an angry, and and and you know, feels like. You know, we're so far from from being in a world. That's just and fair. You know, and and that's what feeds my my, you know, desire to keep going Frank was capable of these this hor horrific. Bouts of of of you know. Almost suicidal. You know, he was so romantic, you know, you got you know, all those all those. Balloted albums from the fifties wee small hours of the morning. You know, when no one cares and all that stuff that was him just having his guts ripped out by Ava Gardner. And and and other things, you know, the business was fucking with them. You know? So these guys look like they have perfect lives because they're rich and they're on the top of the food chain. But you know, they're processing the slings and arrows in the same way. We are just on on in different lands and throw a different set of circumstances. And therein lies their genius. It's the funky shit. That makes them great. Right. Not. And you know, it's like. When I wrote my memoir, there was stuff pouring out of me that I wasn't even aware that I felt like what what I what I realized when I was writing it was I never learned anything when things were going smoothly. I never. You know, improved as a human being when everything was was good. You know, the only time a, you know, I I learned anything or or added a new set of. Bullets to my arsenal was when I was on the balls of my ass and everything was gone badly. And I was having a dig my way out of it. You know, if if if if you're gaining any character at all in this life, and you know, there's no guarantee of that. It's only gonna come from, you know, getting punched square in the nose, and then having to get back up and say fuck this man, I'm just gonna keep going. Yeah. So I mean, and Frank was you know, if you if you really, you know, research, he was he was a guy who felt everything very very very deeply. And I feel as though. It's a complete balance. Like, the reason why the genius was as articulated as it was was because that's how sad he was. It was it came in equal exact equal measure, and he was able to to use his art form as a way, it's like therapy as a way to exercise his demons to to get them out to put them out into the universe where they could be. Explored and and dissect it, and maybe even you know diffused. Yeah. We're such a therapy culture. Now, I wonder if Frank would even be able to exist fully in this reality because he'd have therapy from an early age and wouldn't necessarily, you know, I mean, I don't know if the trade off is worth it to be to be that much of a genius..

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