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I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk, which okay? We're going to take your word for it to. Did. You just ask me that question. To none of that. Don't interrupt can be. I'm not he's like, no, no let me finish. Anyway. I enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed it. Judging by my Twitter and Facebook, most of you founded as entertaining as me, which is cool. You can find me on Twitter AOL radio. And also on my Facebook page that we're asking for your questions for Afghan anything because it is a home show. So you can send them to our show Twitter after our CBS or to our Facebook page. We'll get to that in an hour now in thirty minutes. We're going to get you ready for the NFL draft with a little bit of a different perspective. If you listen to this show, you know that I am one who I don't wanna see him skeptical about analytics, I think they have a role. I don't think they should be the only information and research that you use when you're making decisions about a sports team. And I'll I'll tell you why. And we had a really good example in game seven between the sharks and the Golden Knights mathematical formulas analytics do not measure heart. They do not measure desire. They do not measure, those massive momentum's swings. They don't measure what did he might do with its back's against the wall. Or what he might do when they feel like one of their own is attacked. Right. So this was a really physical series. It was a really chippy and chirpy theory. He heard that word a lot around the sharks and golden night. The two teams were taking aim at each other. There was blood. There were lost teeth. There were injuries. And Cody Eakin messed with Jovovich ski at the wrong time. Whether or not you agree with the penalty. It was that moment that lit a fire under the sharks. And they decided that was it. We're done messing around analytics don't measure that mathematical formulas can't tell you how teams going to respond in a moment. Like that. But I do believe analytics have a role and this day and age scouting and plotting and planning for something like the NFL draft. Well, it's next gen stats and next level stats and numbers that sometimes I don't even understand or know where they came from. But our guest at the top of next hour. He definitely does. He's a former scout with the Browns and the saints. And so Matt manatee Burien will join us. He's now part of an effort to to put out this incredible rookie football handbook. And I'm excited to pick his brain. I've read some of the handbook they send it to me. And it's again, if you're one of the if you're a nerd like me, or if you're someone who loves the NFL draft. This is the type of book that you have to get until Matt will join us coming up in thirty minutes. And then we'll have asking me anything an hour from now. In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter Ehlo radio. What's your reaction to the two game sevens? We saw on opposite sides of the country plus lights out Lillard. I love that hashtag. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Oh, by the way. Thank you for the. I lost cat hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of responses to our Twitter Tuesday question, they came all day Tuesday until we got to the games, and then people were distracted. But we asked you whether or not you would watch the Bob Kraft video from inside the Florida massage parlor if it became public. I have absolutely no guilt over asking. That question. Does some of you tried to call me for asking a question? I do sports talk radio supposed to entertain people. Thank you janey. And so hundreds of you responded and our Facebook page blew up Twitter did as well. And I I thought your responses some of them are humorous, some of them were really honest others. You kind of explain why? Or why not so felt like it was a good exercise. Let's hope the video never becomes public. At least. I hope the video never becomes public. All right. Here's our latest sports update. And here's Jay bourbon, Jamie Jamie for now they make no let me finish. Sports play. We'll begin to the NBA and one night. We had four game fives will start with a stunner Damian Lillard. It's thirty seven foot shot at the buzzer, the three pointers good blazers win one eighteen one fifteen those three points gave Lillard fifty on the night Portland wins the series four games to one again, a monster shot from Damian Lillard at the buzzer and the blazers advance also advancing on Tuesday. Raptors beat the magic one fifteen ninety six to run a win the series four games to one collide. Leonard had twenty seven Sixers beat the nets one twenty to one hundred. So Philadelphia wins the series in five so the raptors Sixers will next meet in the second round nuggets.

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