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Carolina Panthers radio network. CPI security post game show Panthers winning forty two twenty eight. So now, they're are six into after the first eight games, and depending on what happens in New Orleans. They could be in first place Panthers locker room show. Brought to you by two Sheba business solutions of the Carolinas. And I want to mention and get Mike thoughts on something that we heard from Curtis Samuel. Which is you know, there's still a lot in this playbook Mike that they haven't really unveiled yet. And if you're an opposing defense how scary does that make you feel when you're preparing for the Panthers? Well, this is extremely hard to to prepare for that. Plan for and I was a San Diego, and I got the playbook, and I was like is this calculus? Wow. This so big. But I mean once you get into it. You just get little wrinkles off with everything that you do. So this double reverse might have a triple reversed. They might have a pass off of the you never know what you're gonna come up with. That's why you called me scientists because he has so many different tricks up his sleeve, what is it like playing for him? You know is fine because he's a player's guy. He's kind of like nor I mean like Ryan, you know, where he he gets it. He gets because he's coached Emmitt Smith fan. Trae. He's Coasties type is so is is fun to play for him. Because he knows what you need to do. And he lets you be you. This is a perfect example is him name Camby Cam right now, he's still has the RPO Z still has the run pass for Cam to do what he needs to do. But he needs to go down the field the ball a little bit. That's that's what he led Canada one. How interesting to with nor visit like that know. Some guys in the NFL get trenched into what they wanna do. I mean, they're they're they're going to ground upon. That's all they're gonna do. But with north how important is it for him to kind of adapt to his players, and seemingly even though he's an older guy. He's still has a young mind. Right. I think is extremely important because you look at when he had he's in Dallas yet in this myth and moves Johnson. Yeah. Those are two of the greatest ever do it. He's a San Diego here, Lorenzo Neal. And The Danny and Thomson that was a two of the greatest ever to do it. He's here. He has a great running back a great quarterback great tiny and great receivers. He has it all, you know. So there's no reason to stick into one niche. You can do it pretty much open up your mind, you playbook, and do whatever you want. We really haven't scratched the surface on the defense. And I thought Eric Reed had a fantastic game in this James bradberry. I mean, I don't think he's getting enough credit. Mike Evans, I think at one catch. But he was thrown to like ten times. Right. Seeing the secondary. Well, you know, I seen the. The obviously I've seen DJ Dante John doing his thing, of course, Jackson versus Jackson yet. But James bradberry. I think understated Lee was the player of game. The you know, you take out their best weapon off the field, but pretty much isolating him out of the game. And that's something that you can't take lightly. Not on a number one off. Now, we're gonna hear from head coach Ron Rivera coming up in the next segment Panthers winning today. Forty two twenty eight you're listening to the Carolina Panthers radio network..

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