FBI, Mayor Duggan, Democratic National Committee discussed on The Paul W. Smith Show


Told me roughly 200 arrests so far, but they're still looking the idea. Another 150 people, so why is that? Well, here's the deal The FBI's got about 200,000 tips from the public. They've gotten tens of thousands of pieces of digital evidence. And while they do have hundreds of people working on this, it takes an incredible amount of time. So they're urging people the hot back online. Take another look at the pictures they've posted on FBI dot gov. And see if you can help. It's FBI. Doc of Law enforcement also says there's a real need to identify the person responsible for planting pipe bombs at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee the day before the riots. There were 563 new cases of the Corona virus, reported by the Health Department yesterday. Another 60 deaths here in the mission in Michigan. And the city of Detroit will begin using two of the city's largest churches to vaccinates people starting Saturday. Anyone over the age of 65 can get a shot at the fellowship Chapel on the West Side and at the second Ebeneezer on the East side, Mayor Duggan saying this will enable them to reach more citizens. Previously, vaccinations were available on Lee at the TCF Center parking garage. Duggan and the Henry Ford and GM C. Health care systems are prepared to open back seen centers. In various locations. Even with the downturn in the number of cases of covert 19 governor Whitmer says there is still reason to remain on guard. She pointed to the fact that a variant of the virus has now been found in at least 10 counties in the state. Widmer says these variants are cause for concern and could lead to the possibility of more restrictions being put back in place. If the numbers take a swing upwards, Taking.

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