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Phillies and Matt. Sorry in game two. Of their double header at citizens Bank park we go live to KYW's Ed Benkin and this one's going much differently. For the Phillies game one where they. Lost twenty four two four the Phillies leading the second game eight to, two is the Mets bat in. The top of the seventh. Inning Phillies have a, sixty two leaders added with a pair of runs in the bottom of. The, six Phillies getting an RBI, hit from Cesar Hernandez is double. Brings home Roman. Quinn and then Nick Williams hit a ball that appeared to be initially caught but the Phillies challenge the ruling, it was ruled a trap and as a. Result another runs scored to, make it eight to two and favored the Phillies now the other stories been Zach Evelyn who's been impressed Sensible the mountain to a redoubles to start the game. And then up until a moment ago had, allowed just one hit just gave up a second hit since. Has been very solid the Phillies, working here in the top of. The seventh inning with Eighty-six pitches he is. Thrown sixty four strikes. In his first game back since it's very restrict for the miners Phillies also over three run home run of this game from, Reese, Hoskins, a solo home run from Scott. Gingrich on top of the seven Phillies lead them at to the nightcap eight. To to live at. Citizens Bank park I'm Ed Bankin KYW NewsRadio and the first game the Mets all over the Phillies by a score. Of twenty four to four as the. Phillies allowed ten runs in the fifth inning eagles and patriots in preseason, football in luckily for the eagles. It is just a preseason. Game thirty four to, seven the eagles are trailing in the third quarter looks like it's Triggs. Lead, limping off the field so, we'll get more on That as we go through and also Nick foles left with a shoulder strain and it falls appears to be okay but we will have more on. That again the eagles trailing the patriots by a score of thirty four to.

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