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Saint Patrick's Day to all of the sickest Pondimin media is how they pick winners and losers tilted coverage against Republicans and against Trump. They tell the coverage in favor of Democrats. So about a year before he ran for the United States Senate seat now held and still held by Ted Cruz. We had Robert Francis O'Rourke did an interview with a Reuters reporter on under a premise that. It would not be airtight after the election. It came out. And is now a matter of fact that beta Aurora also known as Robert Francis. Joined a hacking hackers group called cult of the dead cow and the goal is background was to subvert established procedures and technology and to go after and damage, Microsoft Windows, and others instead of hiding instead of hiding certain aspects of what they're doing which they ought to have done instead of hiding these controversial post the group posted a warning saying quote this site may contain splits split, explicit descriptions of or advocate at one or more of the following adultery. Murder morbid violence, even sexual conduct and violent context or the consumption of alcohol and legal drugs. Their goal was to wreak havoc chaos and anarchy. This is the guy running for the president. He was a frigging hacker whose website contain explicit depictions of deviant sexual conduct morbid violence, adultery and murder. Beta O'Rourke is now running for the presidency. This is an Reuters held this for one year. So as not to hurt his campaign against Ted Cruz. He also wrote about quote as I near the.

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