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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Forecasters are stressing how dangerous hurricane Florence will be once it makes landfall in the Carolinas late Thursday the category. Four storm is expected to bring heavy surf and high water levels along the southeastern coastline by Wednesday NPR's. Christopher Joyce reports on the storm's progress meteorologists say Florence continues to strengthen as it moves toward North Carolina and Virginia. Well, it may moderate once it hits the coast, high winds pose a serious threat to life and property. In addition, the National Hurricane Center warns of storm surge that could be several feet high even more worrisome experts say is the potential for the storm to stall once it works its way over land that could drop more than two feet of rain in some places and caused flash flooding hurricane this strong. So far north is rare climate scientists say Florence has potential to cost flooding is due in part to a warmer Atlantic Ocean. And atmosphere caused by global warming. Christopher Joyce NPR news in Hawaii Maui county is bracing for the arrival of tropical storm Olivia on Wednesday. Now, the snow weather service's Olivia could dump five to ten inches of rain in some areas of the island chain, Pittsburgh Bissett. David zubec- is asking clergy to fast and pray. For the purification of the Catholic church. Repressed comes in the wake of Pennsylvania. Grand jury report alleging widespread child-sex-abuse Lucy Perkins of W E ASA in Pittsburgh reports that it also comes days ahead of a meeting between high level US bishops and pope Francis. Bishop Subic is inviting all Catholics to join members of the Pittsburgh diocese during ember days twelve days a year at the church, that's aside for special fasting and prayer father. Tom a spokesperson for the Pittsburgh diocese and says the idea came from both the Bishop and priests and deacons who felt they needed to directly address the report, obviously, there's more to be done. But. This is kinda spiritually the first step earlier. This week cardinal Donald world announced a season of healing for parishes in the Washington DC area, but zubec- and whirl have faced calls for resignation for their handling of sexual abuse. Within the church for NPR news. I'm Lucy Perkins in Pittsburgh UN secretary General Antonio, Gutierrez is urging all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to protect civilians in the last rebel stronghold of it live. Gutierrez says the battle for control of the city could lead to a bloodbath. It is absolutely essential to avoid a full-scale battle in Italy. These would unleash a humanitarian nightmare. Unlike any seen in the blood soaked, CDN conflict US ambassador, Nikki Haley is warning serious president and his allies again, then any assault on eight live, but lead to dire consequences, and she says Russia has the power to prevent that from happening. This is NPR news from news. I'm Jeremy Siegel to new San Francisco police commissioners were named today giving the oversight body. It's full seven members for the first time since April Kate you read Alexander reports commissioners have been scraping by sometimes unable to meet waiting for these new appointees. Tamale Taylor is a former state and federal prosecutor. And now a defense attorney. She says learning about systemic problems in the SF PD which culminated in a review by the US department of Justice was heartbreaking because I do hold law enforcement to a very high standard. And know how important it is for. Our officers to be guardians to be protectors. Our communities that to me is the role city supervisors also approved the appointment of Dion Jay Brooker, whose experience includes working with a nonprofit providing job training to kids in the Bayview hunters point neighborhoods. Bruckner and Taylor were appointed to four year terms. I'm Alex Emslie weedy news. The Oakland fire department is investigating the cause of an early morning. Blaze at one of the city's largest homeless encampments today at least thirty seven people were displaced from their tents under the twenty third avenue bridge at east twelfth street. Melinda means says she was awakened by the blaze in escape barefoot as it spread to her tent. I saw big orange light. And then I felt the heat. And I'm like, this is serious got up got my phone. I just ran out any got nothing. There were no fatalities from the fire. But a man was found dead and another area of the encampment. The coroner's office is looking into the cause of that death, which authorities say was unrelated to the fire in may have happened earlier. I'm Jeremy.

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