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Don to check the numbers on Wall Street with Bloomberg's Andrew O'day the markets open about eight minutes ago and pretty much what we expected pretty much. India? Josh, not quite as bad as some futures contracts were expecting, so I guess that's a little silver lining in the cloud. Traders making a decision to send markets lower in large part because of concern over what the Trump administration may do regarding escalation of tariffs with China right now, the Dow losing seventy seven points, NASDAQ down twenty three s and p five hundred down seven investors and so called catastrophe bonds are closely watching hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolinas hoping this year storm season isn't a repeat of last year. Experts say Florence makes landfall in the Carolinas or Regina total losses could reach twenty seven billion dollars, which would be coastal and inland, and that would make it the eighth costliest storm ever to hit the US sales of wine grew in the US last year. But the one percent gain is a slower pace than the two point four percent of the year. Before the beverage information, groups wine handbook says that may be due to increased competition with spirits and beer sparkling wines, drove the wind growth, but higher quality boxed and canned wines. Also, did very well handbook reports to with major box wine brands posted double digit growth last year. Darrell right now, losing eighty seven points. Nasdaq down twenty four s p down eight business reports at eight and thirty eight past the hour. I'm Andrew O'day, Bloomberg business on WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty WBZ. News time nine thirty nine voters in New Hampshire heading to the polls today. It's primary day in the granite state eleven Democrats and five Republicans are running in New Hampshire's first congressional district which covers the southeastern part of the state from Manchester to Portsmouth and up to the Conway area in the second congressional district. Five Republicans are hoping to replace democrat congresswoman and Custer Governor, Chris sununu has no Republican challenger. But to Democrats are hoping. To face off with him in November back here in Massachusetts ballots in the third congressional district will be counted manually after secretary of state Bill Galvin ordered a district wide recount is obviously was a very close election with multiple candidates. Reinstated. It could be close with a surprise. How close it was an official results last week showed only fifty two votes separated. Laurie Trahan with fellow democrat Dan co now with most of the results certified Johann increased her lead to one hundred thirty two votes. Bernice Corpuz, WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty Red Sox were off last night. They'll welcome the Jays to Fenway tonight at seven ten Chris sale returning from the disabled list start sock. Skipper, Alex Cora has done a heck of a job in his first year in the Boston dugout. His groups the best club in the major leagues. But plenty of NFL fan basis aren't sharing the same enthusiasm after the end of the first week of the NFL season. Adam Kaufman issued explained good morning Josh tough week tough first week tough week one for NFL head coaches making their debuts either in general or with new teams all seven seven lost Owen seven first year lines coach and former patriots defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia in that mix. Forty eight seventeen blowout to rookie Sam darnold jets. The jets credit? The one that came home and play well tonight in the NFL is hard. It's a hard game competition is steep. They out executed us tonight. And of course, returning raiders, boss. Jon Gruden saw his group fall to the Rams thirty three thirteen his first game after nine years in the broadcast booth. I don't think it was a smashing debut by any sets that goes for all of us. But was more information for you after we studied the tape as you may remember Gruden coach the raiders from nineteen ninety eight through two thousand one then after the buccaneers until two thousand eighty one a Super Bowl two thousand three against his old team. So it's not as though he's clueless. Just perhaps a little out of practice listed losers from the weekend. Also includes giants head coach Pat Shurmur the bears. Matt Nagy Steve Wilks cardinals Frank Reich with the colts. Another former patriot. I your titans coach Mike variables. So we'll keep an eye on that Bill Belichick coaching tree. But in case, you're curious bell, check fourteen and five in season openers during his time in doing when we don't have to worry about Cleveland. He did lose that first one way back in two thousand pants actually dropped three out of his first four season debuts. But there's maybe hope for the other guys. Yes. So indifferently franchises with a big chip on their shoulder and laws losing record for several seasons. Last the season. Are we likely to see any departures before the end of the two thousand eighteen NFL? Well, inevitably you'll see coaches get fired in the NFL this year. I don't expect. I'd be shocked if we're any of those guys because you generally get more than a year or two to prove yourselves released year year and a half that type of thing but year one that would be a bold move because all these guys have multi year contracts. They're guaranteed a ton of money. But you could see Marvin Lewis finally get the gate. They can't win anything in Cincinnati. You could see Jason Garrett in Dallas, you could see Todd Bowles with the jets if not every game looks like it did last night. So there are different guys that might be on the chopping block. Come mid pointer ten twelve games into the season. But right now week one everybody safe don't worry about that. We'll rest easy. 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