Interferon, Cancer, Hepatitis discussed on BBC World Service


New neurons which assist admitted the province in about seven hundred new noodles for they may be the crease and you will looking at this particular protein interferon and there's also a drug interferon that sometimes used for certain types of cancer could this explain why it is that some patients who are having chemotherapy become depressed you know people tents thank all they've they've got cancer and they're afraid and that's why that depressed but could actually be a sideeffect of the treatment that yes i the feudal misuse for cancer and he's also you'll using in cases of five type of hepatitis and these spacious keiper bush and with them and up developing the pressure and could this still account for wi with some people who develop depression they develop depression after you know something very terrible has happened in their life was something very very difficult with that be happening by different price s completely oakwood that still involve inflammation could all these things be linked they could be link and in fact stress stressful situations cycle socialist racists one reorganize scores of depression and customers will be linked to a disruption in the immune response so on the basis of this research could you try to look for a drug which blocks this particular protein interferon to try to help reestablish this at least is the idea it's not just in the field there are many molecules are where they defy four other molecules that they're activated in the system and the idea is that if you could target the one that these alter ukel goto was personalized medicine or what we call precision psychiatrist because you can measure cells to fight out measure if you good measure and if you could note exacly the delivers that are normal and abnormal you could tweet them there are clinical trials people have use antiflemish diplomacy directs in addition or out on their own to treat depressions and.

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