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Facebook, Fraud, Cambridge Analytica discussed on Opening Arguments


What do you want me do at via the that's the difference between a good system right like facebook's and that's that's not as the data now what's the second claimed the second claim is election fraud and and the the claim of election fraud is that cambridge analytica served as a pipeline between super pacs supporting donald trump and the trump campaign so the campaign legal center has filed a complaint with the f e c a alleging the cambridge analytic acted quote as a conduit for sharing information between the superpac and the trump campaign and that is illegal and and that's true there's they're very few restrictions on super pacs but the primary restriction is that while a presidential campaign is in the works the candidate the official campaign may not coordinate with the superpac supporting that campaign and you know there's another shout out to john oliver right like he's he's exposed the the hilarity of this and we can talk about some of the the crazier examples right like so let's go back to our friend mike murphy when jeb bush announced that he was running for president in december of twenty fourteen what he announced his statement was that he would quote actively explore the possibility of running for president of the united states okay now everybody reported that as jeb bush is running for president but because he didn't say he was running for because he's thinking about it that meant he could work directly with his superpac right to rise and he continued to work with right to rise until the very day that he had to declare his official candidacy to comply with state filing requirements and then from that point on as far as we can tell right there was no coordination no prohibited coordination between right to rise and between bush i should say i happened in i you know i wanted to pick on mike murphy who i think you know if i'm.

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Facebook, Fraud, Cambridge Analytica discussed on Opening Arguments

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