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We're back at the races. Twenty minutes to do on this Monday and happy to be able to wish a happy new year. And congratulations Todd Pletcher off of Bella, vases, win in the Marsha was river, Saturday Todd well done regulations. Thank you very much. I asked you this before because you do get horses like this occasionally that are bought, you know, from previous connections, and you gotta get a read on them. I mean, obviously, she she's an accomplished mayor talk a little bit about what you got. And how quickly you seized up on her? And I thought this was a very promising effort. Yeah, we were really encouraged by you know, we we had our in for a short time last winter after she was she was purchased Mr. Boorda laws and see young and she came in. And she just look like she need a little time off so to Jerry board laws credit. You know, he's very patient with her. My dad's police no and gave her good parade. And since you came back this summer, she's summer in weight fall, you know, she's really really come on and Jimmy toner did a great job with her early on. And you know, we're just fortunate to to get an opportunity to have her. To be honest, knowing the way, the Phillips family operates to to be able to buy into this family to buy into the great mayor fountainhead of of Darby, Dan, that's a big opportunity, and obviously speaks to some of the long term interests of of the board. Lonzo operation. Yeah. I mean that was that was part of what was very attractive about her as you know. That's that's like you said such a tremendous family and when Darby dance. So that was part of what meter attractive, and, you know, getting a great at stake when whether you know. Planas contender razor through this year. And then sort of where we are at the, you know, come November time..

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