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The by now everybody knows like this sunday is mother's day the real holiday and how convenience that you can vouch your mother to a movie called mother's day but should jio we will discuss wait first i really want to just read forever the rotten tomatoes description of the mother's day we'll be because they think it's give full i'm so this is as appalling araj mehta's aggregate site of all movie reviews that gave it a very low rating to get that nine present right now on ninety percent to less seed vetches not gloss over the fact that it that currently sitting at nine that chechens okay so here's the discrimination thursday on the website arguably wellintended yet thoroughly misguided mother's day is these cinematic equivalent of 11 gift that only underscores it's embarrassing lack of effort i really like was an apt description of a movie it's by one of these gary marshall movies which no you probably know new year's eve you know valentine's day where he gets a bunch of these big stars together and they do an ensemble booths like kind of a feelgood romantic comedy type thing going on you know the truth is sitting through it's two hours long and you just think to yourself a comedy of this nature should never be more than ninety minutes two hour long comedy and so old fashioned it's like it's legitimately dusty and calmly this accurately i actually with andrea an array velaphi lower well you during actually in the movie there's this one scene where there's a couple i don't feel like explain the backstory as who really cares but anyway they want to go to paris and instead of you know looking online for different with a visit in paris are for member three they have a brochure of paris they're looking at a brochure of peres paper pamphlet about packed 20yearold and her lake sugar daddy husband are looking at a brochure of paris.

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