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Eight forty w. h. a. s. our top stories. In shy lay where police are investigating a double shooting your business Tuesday afternoon it, happened in the twenty three hundred block of millers. Lane just before four in the afternoon police, say a man and woman were shot. In the parking lot of a business both, receiving multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body they were taken. To university hospital Lieutenant Colonel Josh Meyers is with police This time of day there's a lot of. People. Out, and so hopefully we're going to be able to get enough information to put all the pieces together Myer says they don't believe the. Shooting had anything to do with the business it's six oh two, at NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. s. fire crews. Have wrapped up their investigation into a massive. Blaze that destroyed a multimillion dollar mansion in county the sixteen. Thousand square foot home in prospect went up in flames last. Week it had been listed on the market for just under three and a half million dollars in January the Oldham county. Fire marshal's office says while they're not able. To determine the exact cause of the fire a lightning strike to the home cannot be ruled out lightening strike data shows there were twenty one strikes. In the area in the three hours leading up to the fire that data which carries a. Ninety, nine, percent certainty shows the home was hit by at least one bolt Healy, Hanson NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. s. if. You live in Jefferson County your taxes are, going up the j. CBS Board of education unanimously voted last night to raise. The property tax rate by three percents, it's the first time the district has hiked taxes and five years. District officials hoping the increase will generate additional twenty million. Dollars a year some. Parts of southern California bit shaken this morning after a pair of earthquakes hit just east of Los Angeles, one of them registering. A magnitude four point four center just north of lavar that's about thirty. Miles east of LA Lucie Jones is a US seismologist if.

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