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A couple of different items with the the front runner in the clubhouse right now for immediate of the year but before we do that we'll take a phone call from Jerry in Roseville was a very remember I asked you about the in banking Freddie Nelly this this isn't going to be fair is it what what what what about kids well I'm just saying when two before it can all you're talking about the weather all year Hey man I I I will miss the Kansas city weather right now but I love my home state of Minnesota and I love everything about the Twin Cities in my opinion it's it's it's it's a bigger it's a bigger a metro area you know it is a lot more to do and plus I got so much family friend just so I'm not I'm not gonna sour on the weather I'm I'm built for this we all are built for this we just got to get through it but I think the most under rated thing about Minnesota is our summers now what you said you you said that with the kind of book I mean I mean you had you had Chris kinda like looking at me like war war war Jerry better say something about how awesome the summers I'm down dead serious like the summers in Minnesota are are vastly underrated free shaded see their see Jerry he was laughing at it no we just the temperature changes sometimes what to tell you when we get to my main point okay first of all with the W. wait W. NBA the new cat CBA's agreement yeah with when we get more money and in them a maternity leave and all the stuff that's awesome what that help my more maybe come back to learn I'm not sure what she I love the question from who that's I thought about the jury but what well I am more I mean Maya Moore is making a lot more extra money don't sitting on the side the like she's part of the Jordan brand and all I don't know that's a good question that's a good question hopefully she'll come back to the links we could use a right well well certainly yeah again hiring Kitty Smith I I thought when I love it's a great little yes exactly I love it I you talking about having a crush on a basketball player years ago when she like before you had you know my in Lindsay and that hold I mean Katie Smith was a ball I mean she was unbelievable USA basketball team and everything very quick fixing your Jerry Jerry didn't it all tonight yeah you saying quite fancy I see you Jerry I will just on the phone for you you are you might want to act Katie Smith on Twitter both the why why are you want to do are you want water yes yes you are why didn't you better slot of Jim zero zero may she's already taking the end or is this somebody else the okay other gal that is still really needed that I love what year play was Stacey dales all yeah yeah yup yup yup yup yeah I'm with you I'm with you still a really good reporter from the NFL network also you man I feel you yeah I appreciate the phone call Gerry and Rosa Jerry I could very fired up the night you Bob one of Cheney's he brought up Katie Smith and he was he was all about that action again I just I feel like I'm going back to Bambi and thumper were you just like you like you can call me thumper if you just let the jury with the eyes at this point what he's talking about Kate Katie Smith I like it Hey this light into them deals where the kids say you got a future shot manners suits you shot a man you you might as well what's the worst that can happen airy Geras Rossi you Jerry see you they get you think he was using this to kind of get the message out to the Katie Smith Friday I see your Big Boy working all right let's get to the the front runner right now for Edea of the year it all the year right now a top candidate has the older Beckham junior what the hell are you doing man what what are you doing I get that you're excited that you're all mark Ellis you is doing big things and yes we're happy that you're rich why in the world would you be on the field handing out money to LSU players we know that in college football there's a thing called a hundred dollar handshakes and hundred dollar handshakes it's just it's that's the term it doesn't mean that they're getting a hundred dollars and that's it but maybe they could get thousands of dollars what we call a hundred dollar handshakes it happens why in the world on the biggest stage with every damn camera in sports all on that field that night in and not only that you got a cell phones smartphones why would you be why would you pull out money to start heading into guys do just van mol this is yeah you're not doing your program any good you don't even have to do them all you can get a hundred dollar handshakes two days later or daily or just I don't get it like how dumb can you be here he people say well he wasn't thinking when has he been thinking lately it it's weird it's it's like he and Antonio brown are both going down this this rabbit hole of just really bad decisions and and Antonio brown one hundred times worse but you're not doing your program any good I mean you know that any time you know the NC double a is going to be all over that you know the NC double a yes they are waiting I mean this is this is void a national championship this is like catnip to them how do you not realize that this is not good this could get your alma mater in trouble you could potentially get them in serious violation and it's like just five minutes just think it just I I just don't understand it I don't I don't get it and and so forth Joe burrows asked about it he said it was real money because so much I don't know was a Roman what real money don't got no reason at all I know was Roman okay judge job work or don't care because he's going to get that he's gonna get the chicken right yes so Joe burrows final what about the rest of the kids in an LS you had to put out a statement clearly because the other under the microscope doing damage control we are aware of the situation regarding we'll back in June you're interacting with LSU student athletes and others unaffiliated with the team following the champion game Monday night's initial information suggests the bills that were changed or novelty bills information input is review sense shows appearing cash may also be given to LSU student athletes we were in contact with the NC double late in the SEC immediately upon learning of the situation and with some of our student athletes may have been placed in a compromising position we are working with our student athletes insulate SEC in order to rectify the situation I don't think the else is gonna get slapped with anything arm not as they got on it right away what not not only because I got on it right away was it wasn't something like the athletes were expecting money it was one of those were like the athletes alike looking older by computer like hung what yeah okay thank you del but yeah but if you know the NC double a is going to be you know except that I know I know but it was like it was like they were looking like what the hell are you doing do not know if he was drunk I hope that he was drunk that that played a part in his terrible decision making which makes absolutely no sense to me but it gets even worse okay I know that we typically do headlines at this time but we'll do headlines at twelve forty five but there's another layer to old L..

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