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Now two away. If you like to that cowboy's update. We've got more cowboys on the way. After traffic and weather together on the eighth. Julian Rogers Alright, taking a look at that ramp closure that's 6 35 north at Highway 80 in Mesquite. Ah, that'll be the westbound ramp That is not accessible right at this minute because they're doing some maintenance on it pretty involved stuffed here here, too, So I would think this is going to be around for a bit longer. Now continuing west all it's great news. They cleared out the wreck 6 35 north about about Walnut Hill. Kingsley was the spot and after they cleared out that final lane, everything just started moving. So We are officially at the posted speeds. Always like those two words posted speed now, 35 E. South Farmers Branch is a different story because we've got an accident that is definitely causing a huge type. It's a valve would And again south down, two left lanes are blocked off. Yeah, that's that's the three lanes stretch there. So you're pushing as far to the right as you can there, and that means serious delays coming down from about Sandy Lake Whitlock. And unfortunately, those express lanes are going north right now, so those aren't really gonna help. Ah, Westbound 30. Great Southwest Parkway. Right where that crosses you have construction heading into north Arlington and the right lanes. That's why you've got some backup there from about 1 61 and North bound 3 60 just a hair of slow traffic. Next to some construction in the left lane. You know the spot that's going to be right that stretched between Park Row and Abram. I'm Julian Rogers next reported to 18 and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. Temperatures continue to be below normal here in the past few days. I'm NBC find meteorologist Grand Johnston. Today's high 93..

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