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One of the barrels and start scooping the water into the barrel, live the barrel up now than threat to carry. Okay, so help with you. Guys are slowing, you're slowing the water coming for. For you. I am not able to do that. All the water and over the whole and then like whole it, you can certainly try. So as you go over Yasha goes and grabs the head of the barrel and try and force hold it. They're working on liens, tiny hot need fiberglass. Okay. Time. All right. So how much time, ten minutes, eleven minutes? Yeah. Okay. Well, knees, you mix check with the office vantage. Damn it really. Twelve twelve. You hold a barrel over and it seals. So you're kind of holding their spring around the edges, the barrel immediately fills, and you know, kind of like trying to to cork the home of this barrel. Is all around the holding. Don't swim down on the outside the outside, go what? Brooke. Something. Do we have a mattress or something like that? Do we have anything like mattresses in this area there? There is a cots there is actually mattress in the captain's quarters as the one mattress all drag that out and jump over the side. Push up against the whole fabric. I'm gonna. I'm gonna sure new in. Tire selves off, and I'm also I'm going to cast water walk. If you're into it on real, we can still go underwater though on the surface if you choose to. So so yeah, I'm giving I'm giving you. I'm gonna give you water walk for the moment because you're probably stronger than I am. I should probably not do this and hold that safety line. You're talking about. So you've got water walk. Throw the mattress in jumping after try and go under. Essentially like stand on the surface and then kind of below. There's a section. Yeah. You get the mattress, what do you do? Press it against the outside of the ship. Okay. The current perception because under the water on certain wear, a large scrape section where a lot of the re- kind of pulled across the hall. From the twenty. Yeah, glancing down as you're about to go, help you look and you can see all the damage has taken this Fisher. There's one section where it looks like a heavy grooves carved out from the last impact and there you can see just this faint shift of the the water kind of pouring through that that gap, you take hold down the matches. Pulls against it. It's their emplaced the sections kind of holding it. You're not sure how long it'll hold their without anything. Down below just alright, fix it. Now gotta get it up and start pulling trying pull the barrel. This has toll starts hanging out, nail left and right. He bought a digital tools to make it super super light gallons over there. He's hammering in the nails pieces of so two barrels down, pull the part to get materials to go ahead and try and patch this part of the water bucket for gauge. Correct. He minutes. Okay. All right. Still doing okay. On the top of the crow's nest is that what it's called goes very far away from the waters. Great. You're there. You're having to like because the ship is still moving. You're having to hold it in place while like walking them the side. It seems to be holding self okay for the time being just from the pressure of the water. But starting to slide off as it goes, it's one of those. It's a weird scenario where like now that it's blocking the section, there's no necessary suction the pressure of the water. But as it moves, it is kind of sliding sliding along with a little take the sword Shelvin. All right. So just helping the repairs. Go ahead and just make general de twenty check. Two. Oh. Twenty. Twenty gallons hurt if you needed that. Fucking. So gallon sees you. Let me ELD on. Place it over. He doesn't himself and he goes the town and earns us keep since. And my one begins taking the best parts of the barrel that Yasha helped them break place. Hold this here starts down down eventually over the next twenty or so minutes takes the cast the spell. He. Hatches it in a way where like this will hold for a little bit..

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