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At nine on ESPN. Coming up on college game day tomorrow, Tom, and all these Nebraska head coach frost. Got the, oh and five start for the huskers and gene Gino with the story of Colorado's. Who chose his dreadlocks and they're very personal meeting over high school hoops and now has coroner's just pulling out their own hair and speaking here chase winner, which is lots. We found out what his teammates think of his blow. And you gotta love. It's blow because according to win a bitch, no one can stop him right now on offense, which brings us to our blimp worthy moment brought to you by. Good at here. Obviously. Exactly. All over the place on the and making Don Brown happy. But he made me happy this morning when we were able to travel together. Keren Ann Arbor with the big man on campus win of the wolverine getting ready for with contin, and you got to have breakfast of champions earthrights. Today, I'm gonna go with the waffle precise to go with hashbrowns Sunnyside up eggs sausage patties and raising. I'm gonna call that and I'm gonna do exactly the same thing. For eating waffles. Chocolate chips on this is the breakfast of champion choosing. On mission over. Wow, you keep. Is amazing is great to sit down and have breakfast, what where's your person? Hold your own brother. In my contract. Gets this came out of her seat. Let's say. A lot of television to do. Here. Umbrella. Special extra special because I'm from Cleveland rivalry. They would not let me catch touchdowns touchdown. That's just put it to be. Right there. Angle but angle away quickly on city. Give me your favorite memory at Michigan. Oh, man. So many think that probably that allow state the punt return it in their pose things. Just etched in history, Michigan's sports, Michigan, football, so that one's probably appreciate your out here. Sitting there getting rain. I'll be here with him.

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