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Yes you are in the correct place. You're listening to the right. You've tuned into the correct radio station. If you're looking for free talk live the live radio talk program. We're we're going to talk about things from the perspective of freedom liberty peace and prosperity in studio. Tonight it's myself. The reverend captain kick ass big was mountaineer and funny now. Everyone's always talking about by bitcoin by bitcoin by bitcoin. Well i'm sorry but that is boring as hell. How about earning some. Bitcoin getting paid with it. That's the way it is money after all. If you want to earn bitcoin at your business any pay axs dot com is the way to do it. Your customers will love it in town. We'll talk about your store being the bitcoin store and it's just fun. Get the free app and start. Earning bitcoin at your business visit any pay x. dot com again any pay x. dot com. We've been discussing things surrounding crypto currency and mountaineer. You have an article from forbes where they say. Crypto currency is on the cusp of something that forbes here's reporting on the city Paper that they there was an internal document that they ended up Having to publish and so the their first key point was that it is on that tipping point of widespread adoption or speculative implosion They go on to say another key to this. Is that bitcoins. Growing use as a payment tool the increasing availability of digital wallets and institutional interests from the likes of tesla and mastercard have all helped buoy confidence in the crypto currency And could see it become the leading medium for international trade in the future that would be the lead him the leading medium. Let's portmanteau zan. Free talk live. You know if if people said leaving medium often enough that that would catch. Traction said that all the time now you have one short where to take care of it. All you've eliminated at least one syllable. Thank god that's going to take twenty minutes off my day. Say that all anyway go ahead. The analysts described bitcoin as the quote unquote north star of the blockchain ecosystem with its underlying technology an entirely new domain of the digital economy around it However there are a number of risks and obstacles that could see the bitcoin bubble burst the analysts warned and widespread changes to the market would be required for bitcoin to be adopted more widely. Well yeah you're going to need to change for a new technology. When the internet came around there needed to be adaptation. The good news is people are already doing this stuff Right software exists apps exists. Everybody already carries a magic rectangle with them in their pocket wherever they go maybe not everybody but enough people that mass adoption will not take that long. It was super easy for me to airdrop myself here in keene. Download an app. Get some some crypto currency and. Start spending it easy if you can use an app and you've ever checked out in any way shape or form with your phone. You know if you've used like apple pay or you know you even get those gift card apps right like a star you know any of the coffee places that kinda stuff you know. It's easier than that well. And it's worth paying attention to how rapidly this is being picked up. Major corporations are having to pick some of this up and sure some of them like Kfc did it as just sort of a. Oh this'll be a nice promotional thing and then couldn't figure out how to get their tech together whereas Burger king has had to start accepting crypto currency in venezuela. Because of what's happening too. I mean they're going full weimer republic down there like the same thing that happened to zimbabwe which i am in fact abe zimbabwe billionaire. What do they come people from. Zimbabwe zimbabweans night. Zimbabwe's and. Bob wins the zimbabwe. I don't know there's something going on with the lira to I didn't have a chance to read it. I only heard about it yesterday but It seems like hyper inflation may be mirroring for the lira as well over there in turkey on twitter yesterday that dropped seventeen percent amount of even done more since then. And that's the thing it's never happened in global history that every country has been on a fiat currency at the same time right. I mean this is what happens to a late empire. Yes the late empires will do something to degrade the actual value of their currency. And that's what happens right before they collapsed and for the first time in human history you have every single country on the planet using fiat currency. So we are talking about a an imminent global collapse however the beauty of this is that we we already have the replacement and another thing that i would like to Tell people who don't know much about crypto currency as governments. Can't get control of that. That was one thing. I was always really afraid of and i think a lot of christians are afraid of this because my parents are like. I don't really wanna mess with that bitcoin crap. The government's gonna make that the one world currency they can't china can all of the Currency they want is not going to be done being minds until twenty eighty and. That's just if people wanna keep mining. Bitcoin like they can also be mine other more effective and easier to use coins as thousands of coins will take control of it and it's it's profoundly ironic that they are avoiding getting into bitcoin because they're concerned that it will be controlled by the government. It's like what are you kidding me. It won't be can't be believe me if any government and you. Let's just take the united states because the united states is the largest empire the earth has ever known. That's i if they could take control of bitcoin. He would've done it already. The technology is a decade old. There was just a monthly way to do it. They would have been done it. They would have done the right when it came out. And if you were trying to avoid a currency that is absolutely tracked and controlled by the government. Your hundred years too late. Yes like the when we switched to the federal reserve system. That is when this happened but if you were born and raised in that system then you're just thinking that's the natural normal way that we need our country to be in control of it we. We don't need the shadow. i don't know they. I'm just trying to tell you the Bought process of conspiracy theory. Christians is but there's so many people like that like in the bible is just like what big conspiracy theory. I mean like it creates them from the bible and a lot of people are afraid that that is like the mark of the beast a coin. And it's a really difficult concept because the fact is the most powerful people. All working together are actually powerless to stop this. Yes it is being attacked on a daily basis not just bitcoin and bitcoin cash or theorem all the crypto currencies are being attacked on a daily basis on our minutely basis by governments. Not just the united states but the two hundred or so governments that exist. I'm pretty sure each one of them is racing to find a way. They've got a crack team of whomever that they've hired to try and find a way to take over this technology. Let them work on something and not be putting their efforts towards.

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