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I got much. I got so much. Everybody we are live and the AllState skyline studios and joining us John Katie regular contributor to the basket show. And every Tuesday, we love doing some terrific Tuesday television trivia with teddy and tonight, it's theme songs and Antoinette's on the line three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred if you want a chance to win a gift card, if you think, you know, your theme songs give us a call. What is the category for those who are still like, I'm not sure about this? These are all animated shows that I've gathered some theme lyrics to read the lyrics, and you'll have to guess the song to these. You'll have to get the show rather with these animated theme songs. Three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred on the line from the seven zero eight we have Antoinette. Hi antoinette. How're you doing? I'm good. How are you very? Well, do you think, you know, your TV theme songs? I do. But I'm not sure about the animated one. It's tough. I don't know where you might be surprised. You might be surprised that you can get these Antoinette. Yeah. The hallways. Your brain contain a lot of different files. You just need your editor run through there and pick the right, Catherine. Antoinette are only three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred. I think they're waiting to see what the sometimes people get nervous. It's not easy. Antonio that was bold. Yes. She came out of the gate. Yes. All right. What's your favorite genre of TV, if not animated shows? What are you like walk comedy? Me too. What's on right now that you're into question been binging on friends? Oh, my sister's been binging on friends because she was afraid that it was going to get pulled off of net. Flicks. At the end of the year, and it got a repair, right? Is this YouTube? Where they're rumors that it was going to be taken off. It was supposed to and then it got a reprieve. I did not know I'm a fat whatever it's on. I can I can hang out with. Yeah. Comfortable. It's like it's the perfectly named show because it is like companionship, just a half hour of companionship. Can you watch? All the Seinfeld episodes. Are you are you the same? Yeah. It's not as Seinfeld is not quite as warm feeling. It's not quite as a show. But yeah. Think one of my favorites is when is when Joey wearing Allah Chandler. My favorite is the holiday Armadillo. Really? I said we play the game with that. With antoinette. If anyone wants to jump in three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred. Okay. Here's the name of the game. I'm going to read you a portion of the lyrics from the theme song of a well-known animated TV show. Now. Here's a trick. I'm just gonna read them. I am not going to sing for you. Okay. So you might have to hear the tune in your head. And if you can tell me the show, let's say if you can tell me three of the five shows, I have here, then you will be the winner of our app to give gift card. Do we have a second player coming? Some. We have another caller from two to four was rolling in. Okay. First question, and then we'll get the other personnel at that plant. Okay. Antoinette? Here's the first one. It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. That's animated. Okay. Yep. It's an animated show. It's on the air right now. Think about your animated series. That are on the air right now today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. Simpson's real close. Let's welcome in our other player. Bring Matt in Matt's calling from two to four. Hi, matt. How are you doing tonight? I'm good. I do very well. Do you think, you know, you're animated series theme songs? You know, the answer to the clue you just gave Matt what's the anthro is a row is apoplectic behind the glass because she knows man. Go ahead. Matt. Family. Got you got it. Now, that's one point. Now, people are calling like, oh, I know. Okay, harry. Okay. That's one goes to from Antoinette yet. So here's Matt's. First question. May you ready? Let's ride with the family down the street through the courtesy of Fred's two feet. Matt don't. That is correct. All right. Two points on the board well-done, Matt. Here and net. Just suffering. I'm sorry. Okay. Here you go your comeback begins now. At a at a picnic table. You will find him there, stuffing, down more goodies than the average bear Yogi bear view guy. Well, done the Yogi bear show. Okay. Back to you. Matt these are all animated shows. I'm reading a portion of the theme song man has to name the show here. It is life is like a hurricane here in duck. Berg race cars. Lasers aeroplanes. It's a duck. Blur. Can you repeat it yet? Life is like a hurricane here in duck Burg race cars. Lasers aeroplanes. It's a duck. Blur..

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