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Percent of drugs consumed in the U. S. come from China and India so more delays threaten supplies of critical medication now the latest traffic and weather together I'm not seeing any major accidents or delays at this time but if you do see anything please give us a call at four two one sixty three ninety seven welcome his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center advanced dentistry are you afraid of the dentist to learn how IV sedation can change your life visit no fear tactics dot com today will see lots of sunshine with temperatures topping out at fifty degrees tonight will cool off just below the freezing mark on Sunday it'll be windy and a high of sixty three degrees it's thirty four degrees right now a forty two year old Carlisle man gets life in prison for raping a little girl under the age of eight Justin Bannan was sentenced yesterday in Warren County he will not be eligible for parole in thirty three years in green township in Oak Hill high school student is accused of bringing a BB gun to school green township police say the teenager was arrested before class started on Thursday after he showed the gun to classmates the student is charged with inducing panic since I police need your help finding William Martin junior Martin he's only ten years old was last seen on the twenty two hundred block of vines street as he was leaving for school he is a student at south Avondale elementary William was last seen wearing a black hoodie with jeans and tan boots and black and white zebra glasses.

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