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Pennsylvania's governor makes it official. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News certifying the bullet re election results in Joe Biden's favor, something President Trump had tried to block in court. He tweeted earlier this morning. The big lawsuit, which he wrote spells out in great detail. All of the ballot fraud will be filed soon, though no evidence presented so far his advanced trump cases in court. That's the day after the General Services Administration formally allowed the Biden transition to start Bring up money in office Space. Fox is John Decker live in Washington White House chief of staff. Mark Meadows was one of the driving forces behind encouraging President Trump to allow the transition to the Biden administration to begin. That's according to two sources familiar with their discussions. They describe the GSC administrators letter and the president's follow up tweet as something that had been culminating but was pushed over the precipice due to the Pennsylvania federal lawsuit being tossed out on Saturday. And Michigan certification on Monday afternoon. While the president maintains he will never concede several staffers tell Fox News they are now actively planning for life outside a Trump administration. Dave. I'm John. In a few hours, Joe Biden will unveil its pace for key national security positions and his old boss approves for president Obama tells The Washington Post two You're seeing a team develop that I have great confidence in several of the nominees worked in the Obama administration like Tony Blinken, in line of the secretary of state. Two days before things giving a lot of Americans keep traveling. Despite the CDC urging us not to live like a hermit, you know, I need this and you This is my family and friends need this, too. He's flying out of Dallas. We're seeing pretty heavy traffic flow. Since we've been here already. A lot of passengers that are waiting in line get their bags checked, and officials here tell us that they expect about 65% volume. Compared to last year. Boxes. Casey Stegall the day after more than 900,000 people took flight for the fifth.

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