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New york all right slurp slurp slurp slurp we are back from mark. Goth is seat. They'll break less thirsty but guys we're ready to make you more thirsty with our guest. Today she is a change maker at the detour. We have she is a co founder of this is about humanity that east thousand founding member of voter mother and humanitarian. And i'd like to say Also top top five apps on instagram. Baby top okay all right. What an intro him. there and there are a lot. there are so many apps on. Are you saying avs or apps. No ads abs- abdominal instagram thing. Rolling out. I don't know my god. Elsa collins in the longest in i mean i thought it was held graham originally. Yes i mean. Listen we could get into it from the beginning. Elsa is you guys. Think i'm obsessive. Working out like elsa is so fire like sometimes. I'm like i'm going to be lazy today. And see her story. And she does like her like commodore rattles. And you're like. Oh yeah. I'm like and i'm just like i can't what i shouldn't eat.

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