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Recently on the vanished host. Marissa's jones told the mysterious story of twenty year. Old angela. mac and her four year old son. Mikey in two thousand two. Mikey and angela disappeared from salem. Arkansas without a trace but it's unclear when and where they disappeared from since that episode aired shocking revelations have come to light in april the fbi announced they solve the twenty year old cold case. Barbara kusak mikey's former babysitter confessed that her husband clearance murdered. Mikey and angela. Unfortunately for the prosecution. Clarence can answer to this accusation. He was gunned down by co worker in two thousand twelve law enforcement has closed the case but barbara's stunning confession brings up more questions than answers on the vanished new interviews with relatives of the alleged murderer will bring us closer to the truth. You're about to hear a preview from an episode of the vanished. While you're listening. Follow the vanished on apple podcasts. Amazon music or you can listen ad free by joining wondering plus in the wondering app wondering feel the story The reason the sheriff in prospect for jim unity was to find out all of the trip. What happened angela. Machi you must tell it. All there cannot be and out what happened. There has to be complete disclosure every detail through. You're concerned about what's your family and friends will think. But we're past that. The only way out of this looking good is by helping me. Give angela and friends closure after all these years. You don't have any reason afraid of anything now. How need to persuade you. Know the family and friends law enforcement other people that this is what happened. This is what's actually happened to them and that there's no doubt about that. There's no need for anybody to be searching arrested. Their lives for these two three months ago. We brought you the story of the disappearance of angela. Mac and her son mikey from the small town of salem in north west arkansas. No one knew who had seen angela and mikey. Last or even under what. Circumstances are records request with law enforcement went ignored and our efforts to conduct an in depth interview with the investigator were denied and then in a bizarre plot twists that seemed stranger than fiction. The investigating agency announced that the disappearances had been solved and the case was closed. Almost exactly a month after we aired the original episode but is the mr resolved. We'll let you decide on marissa and from wondering this week we're going to revisit an episode aired in march about angela. Mac and thomas. Mikey retu- we're calling this episode to eighty seven the house of cards. We originally aired angela. Mac in like uber to story on march eighth two thousand twenty one typically when we do an update we piece it together with the original but since we first covered the story so recently in there has been a significant break in the case we decided to just expand upon the first episode. If you have not listened to that one yet pause here and go listen to that i. At that time it was one of the most difficult episodes we had ever worked on because we had very few establish facts including even the most basic questions. Who last saw. Angie and mikey where were they last. Seen at the rumor mill had run rampant in the nearly nineteen years since angela. And mikey had vanished. But it seemed as though every time we tried to verify information or create a time. Line that we could establish a crumbled. We ended up sharing a story with you that was more open-ended and left more questions many of the stories we tell week to week. The story felt unfinished to us. And we pride ourselves in working hard to research every case thoroughly but we wanted to share and gm. Mikey story so we did the best we could with the information we had at that time you can imagine our surprise when several weeks after the story aired the fulton county sheriff's office abruptly issued a press release that said they had solved the case and it was now closed. The press release is dated april. Ninth two thousand twenty one in the time since we received it. We've only had more questions so we doubled down on her efforts to find answers as to what happened to angie mikey. Almost twenty years ago. This story is a complex web of characters woven together. But we've been able to obtain records audio recordings and interviews with people who question whether or not this case really is solved. Stick around because this is a story. That's almost too strange to be true. You've just heard a preview of the vanished to.

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