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Away because it was kinda holding onto the past past oh by the way which was far more successful than anything needs met run ever amounted to because they actually won the world series they actually got to they actually made the postseason i believe four consecutive years so even though pat gillick was probably the architect the most predecessors amaro was there but you see my point ray you know you think about the phillies at least they could say you know we held onto guys that were you know cornerstones in a championship run met still have that and they did it out and just get rid of everybody to rebuild that fund system that's how they did it so you're next point yeah the point i have with this is an i'm of the mind i'm not usually a fire the guy type of guy but in this point we need to fire sandy alverson his two biggest moves that keep him here we're both accidents you know syndergaard was the throwing in the dr narrow trade i did listen i can't look at it that way now you're right about cesspits in gomez i can't on that that is legitimate that is fair that is reasonable because you wanna jack del.

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