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And the thing about that Jenny from the block video which is happening at peak Jaylo rate the early two thousand surveilled by Ozzy Anyway all I'm saying is I don't know why the movies didn't just take the Jenny from the block video Eh Making Jelly just give us an hour and forty five minutes of that I did actually and it was called Hustler's we're gonNA take a break we'll be right back bullet distilling company explored a new frontier whiskey when it introduced its High Ri- Bourbon only to become one of the most popular burgers on the market and it continues to push boundaries today day by finding new ways to try not to mess up the Earth at the bullet distilling company in Shelbyville Kentucky bullet created an eco-friendly distillery with a sensory rich taste being experience the bullet team joined forces with leaders in tech and sustainability to figure out how to pull it off without harming the environment the distillery uses industrial solar arrays is to powers forklifts and any extra power goes back onto the grid in partnership with the University of Kentucky bullet even created organic cocktail garden on site to provide Kalihi source garnishes for the onsite cocktail bar all this is only the tip of the melting iceberg come visit the bullet distilling company to see Sustainability Enact and and taste the award winning High Ri- Bourbon for yourself the bullet distilling company from Shelbyville Kentucky remind you to always drink responsibly the finger about hustlers that's so great is it's a movie that really understands I think all the things that the movies didn't understand about her before and one of the things is that what's great about her has nothing to do with the movies the movies are some advertisement for what you can get outside of the theater like hind of like her during this wait till you go and get us weekly wait till you download this album that's his brand extension it's not even really an investment but she was so good at being famous what did you like about her as a celebrity because I feel like normally we don't like what we see of celebrities outside of the constructed fictions that they star in well I mean I think what I loved about Jennifer Lopez in so many ways is that she had as a famous person so many phases right this is going to sound crazy but I mean for anybody who hasn't no there's a character in movies called Zelic and Zelic is a person who was in history there at the craziest moments and every moment in history there's allegations I it doesn't matter who's delegates in the movie as we won't even go into that every time you turn around there is so just forrest gump all the time pretty much sure Jennifer Lopez it is kind of like the Zilog of nightlife dating and love and fame yes she I mean she has great relationship with Puffy he did he they had a thing a thing excite let me let me rephrase they had a thing and Puffy was still in in Biggie two PAC murder mystery land and into that mix comes as Jennifer Lopez person who at this point we don't really know that well and so there's this incident where they go out and there's some kind of nightclub shooting or something I don't remember all the particulars but over literally there there's a firearm in suv or something they both get arrested Jennifer Lopez has been arrested right let me ask you a question uh-huh have you seen the Mugshot I've never seen a mugshot somebody understood brand management I just wanted to say was probably her events she goes and has this other very public relationship with Ben Affleck and the thing I love about that relationship is it it's like in the middle of this vortex right five person vortex it involves Gwyneth paltrow in Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston she's on the white Hollywood chart yes she openly wants to be partnered up she's literally like just GonNa keep trying until she gets it right I mean this is going blocks moments you've finally figured it all out but before she figured out we cannot forget that she was with Mark Anthony and whisper because it was really weird she seemed really unhappy together I mean just something seemed off right and you know the funny thing about them is they actually did manage to take their love and put it in a movie to they made this hector Oh movie where he plays Hector and she plays Pucci it's a terrible movie but it just as a sign of her dedication to the relationship to lake you know he's GonNa play the salsa legend and she's GonNa play the wave and I was is weirded out by that relationship is everybody else they do this horrible Grammy's performance in like two thousand five they're just two completely different entertainers t beautiful children they seem very healthy and happy I'm so glad that you came out she seems unscathed but the point is just that she's openly dating she's openly marrying she's openly divorcing BC's like the Elizabeth Taylor of the back end of the twentieth century and beginning of twenty first century you know a woman who was very famously famous who also had this artistic life but at some point the fame was just interesting than the work yeah and so the fame thing matters because there is this other aspect rate which is that she is a great entertainer and I think for a second about what entertainer does that sound pejorative too you know because I know what you mean that broadly when we call someone entertainer it sounds like they're Kinda jack-of-all-trades them being kind of triple threat or being able to do lots of different things means they have no specialization but Jalen really did come up in Europe where that is expected of celebrities at the time right so I mean she's bridging these two arrows fame and mallet basically right like this sort of old school Elizabeth Taylor model and she on the other hand is trying to figure out how to live in a Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton world where just these two fe models she's got a foot in one era and a foot in the other era as an entertainer not the best there I'm sort of the mind that like when you see how fierce she is in these videos on these runways in these pictures you expect the person to when she opens her mouth he's kind of expected selling Tina Turner or beyond say and she's sounds like Paula Abdul you know what I mean like all the power that she radiates is not coming from her voice is coming from everything else water so she's not the best singer she's a good dancer she's not the best actress but she is the very best Jaylo and I think she's a very good ambassador for the virtues of being an entertain- think point which is why I love her as an American I always forget that she does just to be clear at some point in the two thousand Jennifer Lopez becomes a judge on American idol she's paired with God help us all Steven Tyler wow anyway I think between American idol world dance which is a so she produces and is a judge on currently on TV part of what makes her so delightful is she's using all of this experience to help the babies out to tell these kids yeah that's true she's really generous I can see her being a really really tender mentor she knew how to make a performance work and she's seen the industries go through a lot of transformation and she she knows how to protect yourself seems she knows how to you fight for what you want to stay relatively intact by the end of it and in a lot of cases I mean I don't know what this is like for her but like to actually guide a person you can sing better than she can and in some cases maybe condensed better than she can but to understand because she's also a producer how to produce that's right all the experience and the self awareness and self assuredness that Jennifer Lopez has been saving up and getting interest on really pays off in the film hustlers Yes let's take a quick break we'll come back and talk about why.

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