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With the healthy up to was ucsd ski rose i have a question for sibley when it comes back yeah bet you do did you watch that a keep calling it say genesis did you watch any of that new japan i'm hoping to watch that after we're done you watch that clip i sent though of will operate mardi skirl during the fucking oh yeah the one on the apron holy god leave it to japan where the guy does it you're like oh fuck usually it's the opposite usually you're like oh my fucking god then they show the replay and you're like oh that was way safer than i thought it was yeah the live feed you like oh that was crazy the replay like oh kids this guy will offer he smashed his fucking head on the ray apron on the outside the second hardest part of the ring did you see that picture tana shannon exercise bike at doj oh no he like they shot they must've film something at the doj l and then they just shot like he had them take another picture and he's just in his full gear like sitting on an exercise bike and it's it's outstanding check this out i didn't know squirrel had that in who the the spot matt sent us didn't who didn't have are you confer squirrel i didn't know he had it in them so this morning when you wrote back you wrote scroll just to fuck with us.

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