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Shower in the early part of the day Otherwise Monday will be mostly cloudy from the como four weather center on meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson The annual gridiron dinner in Washington D.C. is turning out to be a super spreader event Scott Cara's more In all nearly 70 people including top White House officials tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the gridiron dinner last week among them attorney general Merrick Garland agriculture secretary Tom vilsack commerce secretary Gina raimondo and President Biden's sister Valerie Biden Owens The White House says President Biden tested negative for COVID on Friday I'm Scott Carr With another northwest news radio extra I'm Tom hudler another Mariner season is underway One that is full of promise and potential covering the Mariners for the Seattle times is Ryan devis and I asked him if the hype is justified I think it's a better team than what they had on the field last year even at the end We saw the flaws so we saw the negative run differential We saw how great they were in one run games and that's how game If you look at the lineup now you add Jesse winker you add you hate you as far as you have who you are Rodriguez you add Adam Fraser So why not is better The offense should be better last year They were totally reliant on Kyle Seeger at Mitch hankering in Thai France This year it should be better Divis also thanks to starting pitching will be improved Starting stocks should be better We can have Robbie ray to that mix And the bullpen is about the same I mean they've lost some guys Casey saddler Ken Giles won't be ready to go to start the season But overall I think it's a better team That doesn't necessarily mean they're going to win 92 games in 90 games and 95 games but it is a better team that should be more competitive night in and night out So can the Mariners break along play off throughout this season Honestly I think they can challenge for the American League west title Something that was unheard of in the past few years But you look at where the Astros are at you look at where the mirror is that it is not implausible to think that I think it's okay for them to think that they should make the playoffs I think that should be the expectation because they are better Seattle times Mariners reporter Ryan divis Tom northwest news radio We've all heard that money can't buy you happiness but if you have $18,000 you can earn a degree in it Centenary university in New Jersey is offering the first ever master's degree in happiness studies It says the accredited program will focus on practical and evidence.

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