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Good morning. I'm John Shafer north Las Vegas. Police shot and killed a motorist shortly before eleven Wednesday during a traffic stop near Eastlake meat and snap street. The mandate ignored police commands, then drove his truck toward the officers. That's when they opened fire. The truck did hit one of the officers slightly injuring him. A rancher son now campaigning as an independent for Nevada. Governor filed a lawsuit Wednesday against current and former US government officials is alleging malicious prosecution after a two thousand fourteen armed standoff with federal land agents Brian Bundy, and his father cliven said prosecutors tried to wrongfully convict them for peacefully stopping around up of Bundy cattle by USA thirties from federal land near the family ranch in bunkerville charges were dismissed in January against most defendants by a federal judge here in Las Vegas who found intentional and willful prosecutorial misconduct. Missouri today Florida yesterday, President Trump is crisscrossing the country to support GOP candidates in the final days before. For the midterm elections. He's been hammering Democrats on too hot button issues, high taxes and high crime vote for the Democrats vote for the Democrats blaming the opposing party for the caravan heading toward the US from Central America. A lot of rough people in those caravans they are not angels. The president also blasted the media for its coverage of his visit to the grieving city of Pittsburgh after the synagogue massacre far-left media once again is tragedy. So he's trying to expand the Republicans fifty one forty nine majority in the Senate and hoping to prevent Democrats from winning the roughly two dozen house seats, they would need to regain control. I'm Jacky Quin. President. Trump's eldest son will be campaigning across Nevada on Friday for Republican candidates. Donald Trump junior and his girlfriend former Fox News personality. Kimberly Guilfoil are scheduled to rally with GOP Senator dean Heller and Adam lack salt in Carson city in the morning, the younger Trump and Kilfoyle will then rally with lack salt and GOP candidate for Nevada's fourth. Congressional district press hardy in parameter no end the night here in Las Vegas at a rally with Danny Tarquini burkini arcane is running in Nevada's third congressional district. Hundreds of Google employees walked off the job today to protest the company's treatment of women. The protest is Bill walkout for real change. And we'll focus on the internet companies lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct. It follows the New York Times story last week that said Android software creator. Her Andy Rubin. Received a one thousand nine hundred million dollars severance package in two thousand fourteen even though Google concluded the sexual misconduct allegations against him were credible. Ruben says the story is inaccurate ended is the allegations. I'm Mike Kemp with a check on our weather. Here's news threes. Kelly Curran, we're looking at mainly sunny skies across the area today, a little bit warmer with seventy six degrees north that.

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