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Some of the holdouts are encouraging all eligible Oregonians to get vaccinated. For the chance to win money and education scholarships, including a million dollar lottery for vaccinated Oregonians as a manhunt continues in southern California for a person who shot and killed a six year old in a car seat during a road rage incident. Cars are also being targeted, thereby BB shooters shootings reported on Thursday alone, no shooting resulting in serious injury, But Karen Campbell says her Ford Flex was hit along the 91 Freeway last Tuesday. She says she's making major changes to her daily routine until a suspect This caught. I am definitely, you know, second guessing whether or not we should do extra curricular activities. If we don't need to be driving, then we're not driving. Investigators say they don't know there's just one suspect or copycats involved. This is a top priority for Highway patrol, and they are asking for the public's help, maybe sees a rain Shaw. Egyptian mediators holding talks to firm up a cease fire between Israel and Hamas as Palestinians and the Hamas ruled Gaza Strip start assessing the damage from 11 days of intense Israeli bombardment and initial Assessment showing at least 2000 housing units destroyed out of the first named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, which really hasn't even begun. Yet. It's a sub tropical storm forming northeast of Bermuda. Not much of a threat to land you're listening to ABC News. It's all about. If you've got a personal auto insurance question, you could talk to a cab driver, although the policies he recommends might include avoiding the interstate, beating traffic by taking the back roads and on Lee, making left turns when absolutely necessary. Or you could talk to your local Geico agent whose policy is to use their expertise to navigate your insurance, finding.

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