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Okay. How news time? 11 03 Aurora Mayor Mike Kaufman is called a special meeting of City Council tonight. They'll talk about police tactics during recent protests late in the day. On Saturday, police used pepper spray and smoke grenades after some protesters threw water bottles at them and armed themselves with sticks and rocks. Kaufman says the council needs to learn firsthand what happened. The mayor says he's hearing from the community questioning police tactics. The meeting will be conducted virtually and starts at 5 30 It could be viewed at Aurora TV dot orc. That's Gerry Bell reporting, Colorado voters are under a seven PM deadline tonight to get their ballots turned in for today's statewide primary, possibly the biggest races between former governor John Hickenlooper and former state House Speaker And Romanoff for U. S. Senate. They're scoring off on the Democratic side of the ballot for the right to take on current Senator Cory Gardner in November. Big crowds expected for the fourth of July at Bear Creek State Park, with limited options do to covert 19 and the reopening of Big Soda Lake Swim. Beach officials are expecting record attendance for the holiday. That's the latest I'm Chad Hoffman. Now impact traffic. This report is sponsored by express pros dot com Right now, it's best to avoid the Commerce City Drive on I 2 70 If you possibly can gotta crash reported westbound I to 70 past Vasquez. They're causing some solid backups to the I 70 interchange. Also seeing delays on the eastbound side of I 2 70 approaching the crash site as well. I eastbound backed up past I 76. So if you want to avoid that, just avoid that whole stretch by 2 70 Both directions was found I 70. Also Abed, stop and go on the elevated portion due to construction, slowing the rest of the highway driving town, though.

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