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Potential voters and i have some concerns going into this midterm election because historically if we just look at history the republicans are going to lose something they're going to the house of the senate potentially both because when you've got one group in power they tend to lose something and so i don't think he's doing anyone any favors in this regard whether or not it's good for his personal brand in his reelection campaign i i assume it is i don't think much has changed between when he was running and and how he is now other than he actually has accomplishments now but i don't know if that's going to end up helping people running for congress in tough districts like here in washington state we've got one that's currently occupied by republican but it's kind of a blue area and the reason why that republican kept winning is he's very well no dave reichert he's very well known in the area super likable and now all of a sudden that you know that district is up for grabs and i've heard the claim that's been made a lot of time is that this well now with the michelle wolf controversy especially and with the recent konya controversy with all those comments that happen is that the left is seemingly shooting itself in the foot so the right has the potential to kind of break that historical precedent and not lose at least one one of the branches that going after konya in sort of the social justice stuff is going to hurt the democrats it one hundred percent continues to hurt the democrats outside of some of the major coastal cities i mean i can't imagine in your neck of the woods going after people who going after the culture playing you know racial politics identity politics i i can't imagine that's going over well i think it plays to the elites in san francisco and seattle and new york and la but that's not how you win national elections.

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