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Ready? I'm obsessed process to I mean, once you're in cinema. You cannot stop news. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Windsor Johnston. Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer have been meeting on Capitol Hill tonight in an effort to reach a compromise on border security funding NPR Susan Davis reports the meeting comes after the Senate today failed to pass two competing bills that would've ended the partial government shutdown. The Senate rejected President Trump's proposal requesting five point seven billion for a border wall in exchange for temporary changes to immigration laws. Senators also rejected a democratic proposal to reopen. The government for two weeks in order to try and negotiate a border security deal. The next steps are unclear house. Democrats led by speaker Pelosi are working on a proposal to outline all of the border security priorities. Congress is willing to fund it is not expected to include money to build new physical barriers along the us Mexico border. Meanwhile, federal workers will miss their second paycheck on Friday. Susan Davis NPR news, the capitol president tr. Trump spoke at the White House shortly after the Senate vote today, he once again pushed for a wall and downplayed suggestions of alternative methods to secure the southern border patrol. The drones flying up in the air having a lot of fun flying. Drones all over the place. They don't mean a thing when they look down she thousands of people rushing border. The only thing that works is a strong barrier wall. House speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats continue to blame. Trump and say the ball is in his court. That is a crisis that the president alone created and that the president alone can end their publicans, and the congress have been accomplices to the president's irresponsibility and just ignoring the consequences of his action. The government is now in the thirty four th day of a partial shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are now poised to miss their second paycheck. A new census bureau report shows stark contrast, and how different groups react to the possibility of the twenty twenty senses, including a citizenship question. NPR's Hansie lo Wong reports. The Trump administration is. Fighting multiple lawsuits over the controversial question. The question asks is this person a citizen of the United States? Trump administration says it wants to add the question to the twenty twenty cents is to better enforce the Voting Rights Act US district judge Jesse Furman. However has concluded that reasoning is a quote sham justification now. A new report from focus group research commissioned by the census bureau, suggests that many communities of color and immigrant groups are worried that responses to the question will be used to find undocumented immigrants rural residents who identified as white and not Hispanic. However said they were largely quote all four using the census to ask about citizenship. One rural participant interviewed called the question. A necessity saying, quote, I think the immigrants in need to get out of here on Zee long NPR news New York on Wall Street, the Dow was down twenty two points. This is NPR from Katie news. I'm Tara Siler. California. Governor Gavin Newsom says his office is in constant contact with PGE on his liability over recent wildfires and the utility. Plan to file for bankruptcy protection. By the end of the month that comes after state fire officials announced today the tubs fire was not caused by PGA. The blaze was the most devastating of the two thousand seventeen north bay firestorm. It killed twenty two people and destroyed fifty six hundred homes Newsome says the landscape for utilities is complicated. Bigger concern is going forward even beyond PG ni for utilities operating in the electrical Mark in an environment radically changing in an environment. Quite literally that is reorganizing experiencing extremes. In a statement PG says it still faces significant liabilities and a deteriorating financial situation. It has been blamed for eighteen at the October twenty seventeen wildfires in northern California. Meantime, former California governor Jerry Brown, Spokane Washington DC today in his first public appearance as the executive chairman of the bulletin of Tomek. Scientists the organization maintains a metaphorical doomsday clock. It's meant to represent. How close humanity is to global catastrophe or midnight today. The group announced the clock will stay where it's been since two thousand seventeen two minutes to midnight Brown called on congress and world leaders to prioritize denuclearization and address climate change. And we've got to wake people up with people up in Washington throughout the country. And throughout the world the bulletin of atomic scientists also factored the mistrust of science into the current time stamp. I'm Tara.

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