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Be real. There was f to fifty a heavy duty truck in our living room on any other given Friday, I would've been sitting there, and I wouldn't be standing here. Talking with you, Mike granddaughter wouldn't be here presently, gene. The three year old girl who got shot in the head last October in a road rage incident is back in the hospital as doctors treat her for an infection in her head wound. That required surgery may need further surgeries and has a long road ahead of her for now doctors say she receive antibiotics through an IV line for several weeks. She has made incredible progress the doctors at the time expected her to make a full recovery with physical therapy. She's been getting for the past couple of months doctors have not yet commented on how. Elitist surgery will affect her overall recovery. Time line is Ricky bowl news talk. Eight fifty W F the mother of a Florida woman who was sexually assaulted at. Pensacola nursing home is now suing facility as the search for the suspect continues. And a lawsuit says the nursing home staff repeatedly ignored warnings that the disabled woman had been attacked completely unresponsive woman in Phoenix who gave birth last month shocking or caregivers the Twenty-three-year-old patient at the national mentors care facility in Pensacola was in a completely vegetative state. The woman can't talk can't move and to said to suffer from profound mental retardation, not only had the woman been raped to suit says, but the attack left her pregnant and suffering from a broken hip. She later miscarried the baby so far Escambia county deputies say they haven't been able to find a suspect. And at this point, they say they're out of Leeds, Pete combs, ABC news. And the man expected to be the dolphins next head coach, Brian Flores, whom I is expected to officially higher from the patriots. If the Super Bowl, that's who they expect Nagin was the scout. New England and says floors worked in the team's front office. And he calls floors one of his favorite people. A fifty wwl news time eight oh four.

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