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They are also kind of a lost art. You just don't see people at home doing it very much anymore. And of course, I grew up in a soft a kitchen in my restaurant career, so we made pan sauces on every dish. And there's several other easy and you do have to have a little stock or a little wine around to kind of create the Finnish sauce. But Those two things I think, really go well together, but they're also kind of lost in our current modern kitchens, you know, making a little mustard sauce and and things like, you know, you talk about Charlotte's, You know when you make that could just a simple as a Red wine vinaigrette. Red wine vinegar dressing, You know, just at some very fine means shallots into that. He's a beautiful texture to your dressing and also a nice adding flavor, Right cause shallots to me, I think the more elegant and an onion and onion is a little more square in terms of flavor. Shallots is more delicate, more a little bit more sweetness. Really nice added raw product to addressing. You know, you can't keep the dressing for weeks because the shots are going to go back eventually, but I have to do it on the spot. You know you're making yourself which means some very small shallots. You had a liberal, fresh chives, or you know something of that nature, parsley, and then you put your your dressing in there. Just let it sit for a minute or two and then toss it over your cellar. Then you'll have a wonderful dressing. The other thing I love with shallots is I'd like to make a bitter sweets up. I'll slice them all up, and I put him in a pan with some vegetable oil, and I'll cook him really slow until they turn Golden Brown and sometimes he met Parker and when they get really dark, they get like this burnt, bittersweet kind of character. But Golden Brown is what most people like. And then you Sprinkle amount of salad like Vietnamese salad with fresh basil and dill and meant and green papaya life. Fish sauce. Yeah. And then you finished with those toasted Shall it's on top. All right, What's next on your list of underappreciated ingredients? World in the same context as the tunics I was talking about the I'm sorry. What's the name you give low back. Lay back. Lay back. Oh, how did you know? Back home? That's got the dia radish in it. Yeah, that kind of radish cake, You know, then you get when you go to dim sum and things like this. I had some the other day Somebody brought me some dim sum. And I thought, you know, it's it's an ingredient in a lot of people don't like also, you know, because they find it like it. Zip it for another flavor. Too many and my captain included. She was like, man, not so hot on those Hey, guys. Oh, my God! Those are so great! The next morning, the leftovers. I too, can I pan Fry sauted spinach A neg right on top. Then use that for breakfast. And but But the secret in that is to make sure that that cake which is about an inch steak gets nicely fried. You know, you have to make sure that Put put a little bit of Oliver because I don't want to use body on you. It's just a little bit of olive oil and really fried that cake really nicely with the labels us of rub on just predictable of spices. I used to Mullah just a literature Mueller on top, and that was enough to just give it a beautiful new personality, especially with the sort of spinach and an egg on top. That was a great breakfast. And I think it's It's another another way than we have in the kitchen. You nighttime will mean all of us cooks. You know, you have to try to go to base to which is you have an ingredient that's already made that's already cooked. That's already People just sit in a way. What do I do next to make it, you know, extraordinary basically like we always talked as a left over for sure. Yeah, uh, interesting. The end with them some, You often have leftovers because they make so you know your portion size. If you want a variety of dim sum, you don't want to just be one plate or two. If that's the way you eat. That's the way I eat. So you end up bringing home as much as you ate at breakfast. Correct And what secret then I would say to this kind of eating, try to eat the fried food first. Because 5 Ft is great, but it's unfortunately not as easy to warm up like those roles. The shrimp paste inside. Sometimes they don't they don't want my PA's. Well, they don't they don't do as well the next day. So those the first day but the turnip cake or the writing the daikon cake? The woman perfectly finding, you know, the stables will warm up fine. Just something strike to try to eat in order off. What needs to be even now? All right. My other ingredient that I feel like is under valued. Underappreciated And I know I'm probably a lone Ranger on this one, which is pickled herring. I love keeping pickled herring in my refrigerator. As a quick snack. You know, sometimes you come home from work and you're starving. And I can eat a quarter jar of pickled herring. No problem. Couple of crackers, Some herring, and I'm good for a couple hours until Jack. He's ready for dinner. Oh, Amy is giving me the stink eye over there. Amy, you're not a pickled herring person. No, there's no bones. She she says that like it's the past, she said, Like It was like I asked her to eat a cockroach or something like basically the same thing. I love pickled herring. And I'm not a big fan of it. Like all the cream sauces and things like that, But I do like it in the little wind, pickle juice and wine and with the onions and the pickling spice and It is it tends..

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