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It's Wednesday June third protesters on the March again in cities under mandatory curfews and met with stepped up police in the streets. We start here. The president, calling himself the law and order leader, vowing to use the national guard to crackdown further Joe Biden years eager to show how he would tackle this moment differently. How the unrest is shaping the presidential campaign, peaceful demonstrations by day, overshadowed by groups of outside agitators and Lueders. Once curfews kick in. It was basically a bogus front for a European why tower. Tower Organization a political protest movement blamed for organizing violent demonstrations called ANTIFA reports, also showing white nationalist groups are also at play crowds close up and personal in a pandemic heart of the problem that we're going to run into. Is that one? Some of the testing facilities have been closed health experts now warning the masses could spark a spike in corona virus cases. From ABC, news this is start here. I'm Michelle Franzen. Hi There Grad has today off another powerful night of protests in cities across the country sparked by the death of George Floyd. In Houston were fluids. Funeral will be held next week. I won't just his fail. Because he was a and in Minneapolis where he died, the majority of demonstrators remained peaceful. We all parents floyd in the Floyd family, immense debt of gratitude to help bring that message and bring that piece. In Washington DC thousands of protesters people. As close as they can get to the gates of the White House crowds bigger than the night before. God forcibly cleared peaceful protesters ahead of a curfew, so the president could stand outside a church to take a photo. If I, tear gas on the crowd while inside the grounds of the White House a remarkable split-screen I am your president of law and order an ally of all peaceful protesters. testers in New York City also on the move toward the mayor's mansion with an earlier curfew put into place and more police on the streets to stop outside violence and agitators, peaceful demonstration by day replaced with a vicious cycle of violence. Overnight windows smashed stores ransacked from the macy's flagship store to Rockefeller. Center Floyd's death, while handcuffed on the ground with an officer's knee pinned to. To, his neck has turned into a flashpoint on many levels, including politics I, want the organizers of this terror to be noticed that you will face severe criminal penalties and lengthy sentences in jail, president, trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden drawing stark contrast to the issues of racism, justice and leadership in a time of a pandemic protests and unrest. I won't traffic. In fear, division. I won't fanned the flames hey. ABC News Senior Congressional correspondent Mary Bruce has been on the ground in Washington, DC Mary the President along with the Attorney General. William Bar seem to be focusing on police and deploying the military to these protests, not separating the peaceful from the unruly, what we have seen the president coming out very adamantly defending himself as the president of law and order, our nation has been gripped. By professional anarchists. Violent MOBS ARSIM SLUITER's criminals writers Antifa going after what he describes as these looters and vandals taking that incredibly hard line, which we saw literally playing out of course earlier this week in Lafayette Park right in front of the White House as the president prepared to speak in the Rose Garden. Our cameras spotted attorney general bill bar serving the scene. Sources tell ABC, news the Attorney General then gave the order to remove the protesters using force. So the president, trying to send a forceful message that anyone who is trying to agitate here and take a violent turn to these protests that they will be met with force with military force if necessary if a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property. Of Their residents than I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them. Is this. SHOULD WE WANT TO BE? Is this WANNA pass onto our children our grandchildren. Fear Anger Frogger, pointing Joe Biden resumed campaigning as restrictions of lifted. He gave a speech from Philadelphia criticizing the president for much of this unrest. What he says is stoking divisions. Or shocking say that hate began with Donald Trump and him. It didn't. It. Is this is strategy moving forward. We saw Joe Biden step before cameras after weeks behind closed doors in quarantine and offer the nation a sharp contrast. And the vice president is trying to come out. And really offer a much more empathetic point of view. Words with. Die With him. Still being heard. Criminal across solution. He is trying to reach out to these protesters, the peaceful protesters and argue that this is a time to confront systemic. Racism Story Real Police Reform Congressman Jeffries. Has a bill to outlaw choke and he's blasting president trump for that Bible. Op I. Just wish you don't quit at once in a while. Brandish. If you opened it. You could have learned something, but what you're seeing here as well. Trump tries to project himself as the law and order President Biden is out there, listening to the concerns of community leaders. That's what he did when he visited a church earlier this week. To Joe Biden years eager to show how he would tackle this moment differently as president, he says that trump is simply seeking to divide rather than unite, and he's offering what is his vision for the future, saying that he will seek to heal the country's racial wounds, not use them for political gain looking ahead in the first hundred days of my presidency I've committed to create a national. Police Oversight Commission. I've long believed. We need real community policing, and of course president trump firing back, saying that Biden's been in politics for forty years and hasn't done enough with months to go before this election is this strategy and rhetoric, the voters will see well. It is clear that the two crises that have emerged in the last several weeks are going to dominate this campaign between now and November. Series of tweets, president trump, says north. Carolina Governor Roy Cooper refused to guarantee the Republican national. Convention could be held in Charlotte without covid nineteen restrictions, so the president is seeking another state to host the summer's event, so as the country opens back up from the coronavirus pandemic. You are going to see Joe Biden out there more on the campaign trail. You're going to see him. Continue to try and draw the stark contrast with president trump. Shutdown earlier. We have probably another forty five sixty. Will be alive and you know. He's been criticized for laying low the past few weeks. Biden's campaign defends bad decision. They just look at the poll. Numbers which show Joe Biden on the rise and today also marks exactly. uh-huh Until Election Day Mary. Bruce Thank you. Thanks Michelle..

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