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The secret sauce is you always threaten to leave. You hold out until you get the best possible most lucrative deal because governments will fall for this left. And right now, I have no doubt that the Arthur blank absolutely knows what the effect is because he negotiated this contract or his people did and he got a sweetheart deal, but government, you know, bean counters, I mean, really politicians, do you think they realized devastate I think half of them probably think this is a great thing law. Right. So these stadiums are already losers as far as financial is concerned. I mean, these they're screwing the taxpayers over to tremendous amount of money billions of dollars. Yes. In this case. And then if they lose the team leader, so you know, they stay for five years or ten years, or whatever they lose the team you now have a stadium. And it's generating no revenue. Right. So I mean, it was already a bad deal because all the revenues going into the pocket of the team owner. But now, it's generating no revenue whatsoever for anybody, but you can fix that. And that's easy enough. While you gotta do is get out your checkbook and start promising, you know, ten year tax windows for a new team to come in. Or maybe it's using the the old stadium for who wants to north stadium. Well, there's a lot of different teams. And there's a lot of different leagues and things like that. So I'm sure somebody's out there and somebody will take it. And you're just going to sweeten the pot in and better yet. If you come to east bomb Duckie. Don, you that's a good one. We in five years will build you do right. Yeah. So it will just repeat just bend over because they got you over a barrel, and they're just not gonna stop crazy. We can go to your calls and thoughts you can bring wants the toll free number. Here is eight fifty five four fifty for you have more information about this is they're worth. Oh, yeah. Sharon, we'll get into that. Davidson the line in New Mexico to start things out here. Listening to tune in. Go ahead. David. Yeah. I just wanted to complete the list of New Mexico criminal judges that I'm busted since I've been paying attention this last decade. I had given you the the judge that just got arrested. Deborah davis. Walker family court judge drunk driving causing. She got busted the other day. And then before her we put through in that Monica Youngblood the legislature that was pushing for tougher drunk driving standing the judge who got popped didn't she actually cause an accident? I so it wasn't just that. She was swerving on the road. She actually got into an accident. That's how they caught onto her. Yes. She did a u-turn without noticing a car was coming and there was a crash and yeah. And and then there was the tournament in that drunk legislator. There was actually tough on crime tough on drunk driving trying to get bills passed and then she yourself to the drunk driving thing. Monarchy. Somebody else how come blood? Young blood getting getting angry with the police. Highly entertaining, her her lapel Cam video. He says in entertaining has anything you find on cable TV. And and then she deluded her on her probation urine sample trying to get away with being able to drink while she's on probation restrictions. And then there would be. Accidentally. What they have to diluted by two to four courts to make the make it to dilute the test so somehow to the four courts additional fluid got in any way. And then there was going back. I don't know a eight ten years. There was a chief judge John Brennan. John Brennan, I believe who got busted for cocaine and beating his girlfriend and he had to resign before that though. And by the way, this all centers on the university of New Mexico law school, all all of these people. This is a very homogeneous incestuous legal market. Our none of these people you almost none of these people have gone to other universities other law schools, and then come back most of them go to the university of New Mexico law school, and then stay here. School. I I'm not so sure at that young age, I wouldn't want it to go. There are Monday night. Melanie went to law school in not in New Mexico. But in Louisiana, and she said that the school actually threw parties with open bars unlimited alcohol for their students. Wow. Regularly. What's your? You're you're you're just gonna say I was just gonna throw in when you throw in the party thing. I know I know a guy who is in that circle. He's not he's not in the legal industry. He's friends with a bunch of people that are all all these people that I've been mentioning used to party with them back like say ten fifteen even twenty years ago, and there was cocaine. They would have parties the newest cocaine flowing in addition to the legal alcohol rolling it all these all these parties, and some some waste Wapping going on here and there and those people snorting cocaine many of them go on to become prosecutors who then put people in jail for it or go and. And the next guy. There was another guy in the same timeframe Brennan, I don't even remember this guy, this judges name me when you drunk any glue through a red light and. A complicating at that intersection. And I forget the actually hit the cop car or. The red light and pulled him over. But that was another drunk driving judge and thanks for the call tonight. I appreciate the stories nothing like some good corruption stories. Thank you. And there's there's never shortage of these users talking about his area right up here moments. This is free talk live. Most of you know, get heart disease is the number one silent killer in the US..

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