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Welcome back over that America I'm your host Ryan record and joining us now is a very special guest is the author of beyond happiness in meaning transforming your life through at the coal he came here Dr Stephen at men's thank you so much for coming on to KMOX thank you for having me I'm gonna tell you what my producer told me right before we went on the air here this may be one of the dumbest jokes he's ever told me so he said I hate when when when Dr mince is on the ask him if he if he has a son named Steven so he can be called junior mints I've heard it before me I'm sure you have and he said that and I was thinking to myself how can I go on with a straight face now that I've learned I well thank you so much for coming on you have an op ed that just came out it's called is president trump's discourse the cause of our on civil society in bright what you talk about is you know trump is lower the bar with his respect to incivility rudeness is everywhere fueled in part by the tone in Washington I guess there could be a look at how much does Washington actually dictate the tone of uncivil discourse here in the United States and is it the main cause is a minor cause is at no cost so what are your thoughts on the way that we discuss politics anymore just how uncivil we seem to be I think basically what's happened is uncivil behavior has become normalized in our society and so what's going on in Washington not just with president trump politicians in general people getting in the face of others and calling them all sorts of nasty names in sort of an us versus you mentality has contributed but social media probably is the biggest because because that's where we're all connected these days and all that has to happen is somebody says or does one saying that others think is wrong and it's fine I will millions of people are finding out about it instantaneously and when these things are bad behavior it just spreads like wildfire and causes instability in society what I've noticed just generally speaking is also how we see it in entertainment in one of the strange things you start to see it it's almost generational because the way people bring up politics or ideas or debates if you if you're kind of this old school way of mentality you find a way to do is simply and politely and you can have those conversations and be friends and you find that any more anyone that's not in that like old school way of discussing these ideas it always goes to the incivility it always goes into well this or that it always blows up in it I don't think we know how to talk to each other anymore right now I agree years ago you go see the person that you have a face to face meeting you discuss your differences try to find common ground and move on today we go on the internet we treat something we send it we don't think about what we're doing or how we might be hurting someone's feelings because they're not in front of us there at the other end of the communication so it's very impersonal and I I know one thing we do know how to talk to each other anymore I always say we need to learn to be able to disagree with each other without being disagreeable and that just doesn't happen very often anymore I think tone is all ways miss understood so on the internet it's very difficult to understand the approach that someone may have to a statement and when someone read said it could be taken as a completely different message or different understanding and people take it so personally even if the intent wasn't there for to be done and you find that too in some conversations where people will say certain things in mill take offense to everything so quickly in the end of the conversation just go south so quickly so separate discourse in general I mean how do we reverse this is even possible in a social media world today I think it's possible we need a national discussion on these issues unfortunately I don't think it's really happening I'm always amazed when I watch the debate and there are no questions by any reporters about civility in society or the sort of things all questions about everything else but without recognizing as a nation that is a problem you can't fix it and so I get like alcoholism you can't fix it until you admit you have that problem we have to admit we have a civility problem and maybe we can start a dialogue about it I think it needs to be taught in schools as well the whole issue of teaching civics and virtue and FX early years ago people would get this in school and or in religious institutions at home and it just doesn't seem like it happens anymore Dr Steven Mintz joining us on the program here tonight of course you can check them out online W. W. W. dot Steven Mintz ethics dot com in this new book beyond happiness Amini transforming your life through ethical behavior I'm wondering too about how well this incivility is actually represented in today's discourse because sometimes you may think well it might just be a small percentage of people that are like this but it's amplified in over blown to make it look like the entire societies like this because a lot of times you find that you can sit down and have conversations with people face to face you allow for that sort of thing and people are very civil with each other I don't know if it's just sometimes people get a little bit too brave behind the keyboard but maybe is it possible that some of this is just over amplified yes I think that's true it tends to be that the bad behavior is what's exhibited or shown on TV and other forms of media we see the bad stuff nobody ever talks about the heroes well the good people that do good thing or a very rarely do we do that I guess this is what society wants the here otherwise why would we get it all the time on TV so I agree with you on that a hundred percent it is a problem and until we start to talk about good things rather than bad things be forgiving of people who do things wrong we all make mistakes be forgiving be kind be understanding have empathy you know now we have this whole idea of a cancel culture yeah you know you do one thing wrong to say one thing wrong and you you a year shunned by society or at least people in your your sphere of influence and almost make mistakes so it clearly after apologize for you miss they can move on but it seems like this cancel culture is now infecting the society as well you know it's a strange in St thing is is you don't even have to say anything that is wrong you can just have someone of a position of power authority put a headline together that takes it out of context to make it sound like you've said something wrong in that could even ruin you anymore it's it's it's tough that's very true and the way things are reported it's slanted it's the whole level of honesty in journalism and it it's too much of making the other person look bad rather than being forgiving and combine and this us against them mentality especially in politics is very hurtful and maybe it's xcelerated now because you ran election mode and people watching it more we hearing it more we have the debates we have cable news suffer with a non political year maybe it wouldn't be is magnified as it is our member president trump went to the nationals baseball game was a week or so ago he was booth where they say lock them up yeah they chanted lock him up yeah that one there well how about this what is an idea we see other countries like in Canada and over in the UK their election cycle when it comes to electing their new prime minister whatever it may be in what country is a limited the window is so much more limited so here in the United States as soon as we like one person the next day people are already campaigning to be the next president of the United States we have it never ends but over in Canada the windows much shorter and also in the U. K. much shorter maybe if we try to limit the amount of time people are out there campaigning that would be a great burden lifted off a lot of people shoulders for we don't have to worry about always putting these type of negative conversations out there all the time yeah I agree that would be a great thing I don't know that what happened here what with the influence of money in our area and this and that so I I but it's a great idea definitely something worth talking about well if people wanted to find your book beyond happiness and meaning transforming your life through ethical behavior work and I find that solicit on Amazon or they could go to my website you gave the website address and they can find it there as well W. W. dot Steven Mintz ethics dot com one thing you mentioned before in in just one more question for you is that we should probably be talking about this more in schools we should be teaching this sort of thing in schools so let's say you're a professor and you have the ability Dornan maybe not a professor but educator superintendent over many schools in a certain district how would you approach this in a way where you would introduce this to kids well I think you have to get the parents on board number one so meeting with the parents explain why these things are being done so they can support the school district has not every panel would necessarily St or want schools to teach ethics not everybody believes they should be teaching right from wrong but assuming we can get that done I think it has to be taught in every class when I teach ethics at the college level I only say one class is not enough because it makes it gives a signal to the students said it's only important this one time you have to do and everything if when you're talking about civics sociology psychology whatever it is this an ethical dimension moment talking about how we treat each other you know the golden rule so integrating it throughout the curriculum I think is the way to go it's a good idea there's a lot of things we can do to try to counter this sort of thing what I like about the radio programs that allow you to have certain conversations as opposed to just yell and scream over each other is that you can kind of find out that there are people that you disagree with what you can select conversations with I think we need to realize that you know people are normal and you don't have to fall into that trap that you see on the network cable shows for the just yelling at each other it's okay to just have a conversation with people and not feel like you have to hate him at the end of it they would just be a small mentality thing that needs to be tweaked in some people's minds and I could go a long way right absolutely we do need to learn how to talk to each other better yeah sure Dr Stephen men so the website again Stephen men's ethics dot com in the book beyond happiness and meaning transforming your life their ethical behavior.

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